Enjoy Relaxing Thai Massage in Dubai to Heal Your Mind and Soul

Posted by Massage Dubai UAE on November 18th, 2019

Are you looking for a relaxing Thai massage in Dubai? You are not aware of what Thai massage is? Do not worry at all; we will let you know every minute details about the Thai massage in Dubai.

Let us first discuss the Thai massage and the process involved while doing a Thai massage so that When you want to do a Thai massage in Dubai, you can be well-prepared and enjoy your Thai massage with relaxation.

What is a Thai massage?

Thai massage is a type of modern spa, which is an ancient form of massage developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand. In Thai massage, there is a use of passive stretching as well as gentle pressure with the energy lines of the body to relieve muscle as well as joint tension, increase flexibility and balance the body energy systems.

Thai massage is done with full-clothes if people are not comfortable with draping or nudity. Thai massage is not recommended for first-time spa visitors. One must be thinking about why it is not recommended? Because a person is lying down on a futon with the Thai therapist crouched over that person and put pressure on their legs to start the Thai massage. A therapist might use their body weight to move the person's body into different positions to achieve stretching.

The therapist does is not expected as well as it is unusual, and one must feel comfortable with the bodywork so that one can relax while the therapist is doing Thai massage. If someone finds it difficult to take your clothes off while doing a Swedish massage, then one can try reflexology. In reflexology, the therapist works on a person's feet, and the benefits are felt throughout the body.

What happens during a Thai Massage?

Thai massage works with compression, which is a rhythmic pressing movement focused on the muscle tissues with the help of the fingers or hands. Thai massage happens on a futon mat on the floor. The client should wear loose or stretchy clothes. The therapist is also on the mat as well as moves the body into different positions and stretches. Hence, the Thai massage is also named as lazy man's yoga. Thai massage is energizing as well as relaxing, so you will feel the more active one you do massage.


We at Dubai massage offer the most relaxing Thai massage in Dubai. Our therapist is well-experienced and helps you to become more active and relaxed. We also provide different Thai massage services in Dubai. Thai massage is the spiritual tradition of Buddhist monks. The purpose of a Thai massage is to heal a person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. One can get the healing experience at our place. We have several clients who do visit us regularly and heal themselves and have a better experience every time they visit us.

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