Things You Need To Know About Prolozone Therapy

Posted by Regeneveda on November 18th, 2019

Ozone therapy has been around for over five decades and used medically for different applications, such as strengthening the immune system, anti-aging, and cell oxygenation, which is believed to be helpful in treating cancer. Prolozone therapy in Chicago is a type of ozone procedure that is non-invasive and helpful in regenerating and rebuilding cells in your body. It is found to be helpful to many cancer patients looking for an alternative to conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy. With Prolozone therapy, oxygenation allows the body to heal more naturally with rejuvenated and new cells. Here are some of the other things you must know about it:

  • More on Prolozone – The word is derived from the Latin ‘proli,’ which means ‘to rebuild’ or ‘to regenerate.’ Ozone is considered the most active type of oxygen. Therefore, Prolozone therapy utilizes oxygen’s ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissues and cells.
  • Who invented it – Prolozone is an oxygen or homeopathic injection method pioneered and developed by Dr. Shallenberger. It is also used in pain therapy, particularly for treating joint and musculo-skeletal pain. The advantage of using Prolozone therapy in Chicago is its ability to correct a disorder’s pathology, so their patients have a better chance of overcoming their condition.
  • How it works – For the body to heal and regenerate, it needs minerals, oxygen, and vitamins, all of which can be circulated by the blood. Oxygen is of utmost importance in the treatment. Thus, the Prolozone therapy in Chicago can work in three different ways: 
  1. By injecting homeopathic anti-inflammatory medications to affected areas to minimize swelling and inflammation, and increase circulation.
  2. By treating the affected area with minerals and vitamins necessary for healing.
  3. By letting ozone infiltrate the area to feed oxygen to the tissues that need healing. As they heal, circulation can be re-established and boosted.
  • Using it for cancer treatment – Prolozone therapy in Chicago is highly recommended to individuals suffering from cancer and those who are being treated for it. It enhances the oxygen levels in the cells and the body to encourage natural rebuilding and regeneration. This solution is also known to be effective at killing cancer cells on contact.
  • Not just for cancer – Prolozone therapy is also believed to be helpful in treating other conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or dementia, heart disease, Lyme disease, and arthritis.

About the Author:

Dr. Thom Lobe was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. It was during his early childhood battle with Legg-Calve’-Perthes that he developed his life-long interest in learning about the complexities of medicine as well as its ability to transform lives. This disease, which is still poorly understood today, exposed him to a diverse range of doctors and hospitals, exposure an average child never acquires so early on in life.

Dr. Lobe completed his General Surgery training at The Ohio State University Hospitals and his Pediatric Surgery Training at The Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio (now called Nationwide Children’s Hospital). From there he took his first academic position at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. He served as Chief of Service for eight years and developed one of the earliest programs applying laser therapy to children’s disease. During that same time he worked as an attending surgeon at the Shriner’s Burns Hospital where he acquired a great understanding of advanced nutrition, metabolism, hormone therapy, skin care and regenerative wound healing.

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