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Posted by aihw on November 18th, 2019

With countless walls and floor tiles, the cost is higher

In fact, the difficulty in choosing a tile in a natural stone is to decide which one to choose.

Limestone, lime, marble tumbling, grinding, polishing is a difficult choice

They are all beautiful and unique in their own way, but certain types of natural stones are more suitable for certain areas than others, so it is important to understand these differences.

Choose natural stone tiles for your home not just because they look good.

When you choose a natural stone tile for your home or garden, it is important to know that the color of many natural stones is a sign of the quality of that stone.

Take marble as an example. The more pure white, the better the quality.

The background color is a sign of marble quality, as is the number of textures

Simply put, "White" with small textures is the highest quality you can get.

But, obviously, this is very rare and very expensive, so you have to make a judgment based on the cost and quality level of the marble tiles.

It\'s not as easy as it sounds, as most tile showrooms have very bright lights.

Much brighter than at home. 

So in the showroom, the color of the tiles will be much lighter than when you go home. 

Always ask for a sample to take home, watch in a more natural light, and make sure it comes from the actual batch you are considering. 

There are color changes in all natural stones 

Even if it comes from the same quarry and tile manufacturer

Another factor in marble quality is texture; 

If it is dark, indicating poor quality, the blurry steering will also be light.

The ideal color is bright but the texture is clear. 

Try to compare various tiles from different quarries and producers and you will soon know what type of tiles you like and what price you may need to pay. 

Other Quality Indicators for any type of floor tile, whether thickness or tile size.

Thick large tiles are always more expensive than small, thin alternatives, simply because the larger tiles are harder to produce. 

Since they are natural products, any type of natural stone tiles may contain holes that are usually filled with epoxy before the tiles are polished, however, if you check the tiles carefully, you can often see where the hole is. 

Some filled holes are not a problem, but the tiles are very porous and not only look bad, but it will show that the tiles are not as durable as they might be --

Again, this will affect the cost and you may have to trade-

The look and durability of the tiles are beyond your budget. 

Also pay attention to the inaccuracy of tile cutting

Cheaper tiles tend to be cut more rougher, which is good and you will love the rustic style, but it will cause uneven grouting seam problems. 

But even with all these potential problems in mind, the change in color and texture is one of the reasons that makes natural stone tiles so beautiful.

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