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Posted by Cuckoo Tech on November 18th, 2019

What is the most precious thing in this world? All of us would agreeit’s TIME! Time is the most precious asset, both from an individual point of view and from an organization. It’s a well-known saying- when you respect time, it respects you.The absence of an employee time Attendance Management System leads to compromises in productivity and efficiency. A solution for companies to be able to optimize time management is deploying anautomated Time Attendance Management System.

Gone are the days of manual maintenance of time cards. They are obsolete and may turn out to be inaccurate as they could lead to discrepancies in the payroll, time theft, poor coordination, and much more. Time to say goodbye to these outdated ways with an automated and computerized attendance system. Attendance software not only assists the organization but also its employees too! Below outlined are ways how Attendance Management Software can benefit both the employer and the employees-
1.    Keeping a Track on Working Hours

International research states that on average, an employee steals up to 4 hours a week. That is a huge number of hours when computed over months and years! So, by adopting an integrated time attendance system, you could improvise an employee’s time management.In the flip case scenario, when an employee works for extended hours, even such data is captured in the software and intimated to the concerned authorities, so that the employee gets his due remuneration for it.

Both the employer and employee have access to the data of the Time Attendance System and none can tamper with it-be it an employee or an employer too. In a Biometric Attendance System, an employee uses his biometric features like hand scan, finger scan, iris scan to mark attendance, leaving no scope for fraud or malpractices.

2.Set Clear Goals and Deadlines
In organizations, it is not uncommon for projects and tasks to get delayed. Be it due to shortage of funds, lack of communication, mismanagement of human resources, undefined goals, and so on. With a time management system in place, setting up goals and being able to track them regularly on a real-time basis is easier. Having set clear goals instill motivation in employees. It also encourages punctuality. Precisely laid out goals and instant updates on the project status ensuredeadlines are met. And such information easily available in one place for everyone, thus ensuring both sides of the organization-the management and the employees are on the same page.
3. Create Schedules
With an automated time attendancerecording in place, it becomes easier for an employee to manage his schedule. He could beforehand mark out his planned holidays, making it easier for the whole team. He can raise requests, interact with higher authorities, check the status of his applications, etc. The whole process is transparent and easy. Automated time attendance software also eliminates the administrative burden as there would not be a bulk of papers of time sheets to manage. This way the HR department could focus on wider avenues.

4. Analyze Daily Routine
The Time Attendance System is not only about recording the working hours of employees. It also assists in better management of time. It records their activities, the time spent on them, and hence calculates productivity levels. It helps the management to find out the unproductive tasks and work on them.
5. Statutory compliance
As per laws, organizations need to follow various statutory compliances that are appropriate for permanent employees/ part-time employees/ contract labor, etc. With an attendance management system available, any such requirements have to be entered just once, after which the software takes care of everything. Be it deductions, additions, report generation, forms, payroll computation, etc. As per law, organizations must have proof of employee work timings. And, automated Attendance Software is the perfect solution to it. So, an automated time attendance software also helps organizations to abide by the prevailing laws.
My Two Cents
Any organization that has more than 10 people working for it is sure to benefit from automation in time attendance. This one-time investment may seem a bit steep, but it is certainly a very profitable one when thought about in the long run. So, if you are a small/ medium-sized business organization, and are yet to jump on to the attendance management software bandwagon, CuckooTech is got good news for you.
CuckooTech offers top class Attendance Software that seamlessly suits the global workforce needs of our 21st century. Also, along with an employee attendance management system, CuckooTech offers customized T&A project that can cater to a wide variety of business needs. CuckooTech can also seamlessly integrate with Cloud, IoT, and all the latest technologies.
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