Martial Arts: Overall Wellness in Children

Posted by Zoe Jhonson on November 18th, 2019

How To Choose The Best Martial Art for Your Child

One of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world is Karate. Created in the 1300’s, it is a way of life. It teaches children to work on themselves rather than the opponent. Although it primarily uses hands and feet, it is a full body workout. Karate also involves high levels of concentration that are reinforced by philosophy and training. Taekwondo Martial arts classes in Bexley are another favorite which is a recognized Olympic Sport. Unlike Karate, it involves a lot of sparring and therefore, children learn to use punches, kicks and throws with protective gear. The Taekwondo form is especially good for those children who are competitive. For children who have fast reflexes and prefer closed spaces, Kung Fu is a good option. Focusing on relaxation, concentration and balance, Kung Fu primarily relies on the upper body. Another Olympic Sport, Judo involves defense and striking the opponent. Children are taught to time their throws and also handle the body weight of the opponent.

How Does Martial Arts Benefit Me?

The most important benefit of martial arts is the development of resilience in children. Research has shown a remarkable positive effect on a child’s response to bullying and overall social and emotional stability. By giving children the tools and techniques to defend themselves, martial arts enables them to deal with various situations. It also teaches children to set goals and work towards it. With each achievement, their abilities grow and so does their confidence. Martial arts classes in Bexley are also quite popular because they give the children a feeling of being a superhero who is strong, fights justice and good. Children emulate the philosophy, the discipline and the focus of their instructors which can be a lesson that will last a lifetime. It is proven that just an hour of martial arts training can burn up to 600 calories which can help children stay fit and healthy. With so many levels to achieve, a lifelong passion with martial arts can lead to many years of activity and health. Participating in any of the martial forms on a daily basis for a minimum of three days can equal the recommended physical activity. It keeps children mentally, physically and emotionally strong and active. New research has shown that martial arts classes in Bexley can also be used to help children on the spectrum or those with autism. It boosts communication, social skills, memory, movement, interaction, cognitive function and posture.

Martial arts classes in Bexley aim to help and facilitate overall excellence in children.

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