The Seven Elements of Play

Posted by Jason Waler on November 18th, 2019

Children love going to playgrounds, and it brings them many benefits. For example, they can improve their social skills and enhance their physical development. However, there are seven elements that every successful playground needs. Let’s look at what they are.

1. Swings
Having a swing set gives the impression that they can fly with ease. It will also strengthen leg and core muscles. It can also improve their sense of balance and improve their ability to assess information from their imaginations.

2. Slides
Children love feeling the sudden rush of gravity as they go down the slide. However, it also improves their ability to problem-solve. Hip and leg flexibility may also be enhanced through this simple activity. Besides, it helps them develop their spatial awareness and their ability to follow directions.

3. Climbing Equipment
Children love having climbing equipment at playgrounds, and it allows them to challenge themselves in a safe environment. It also helps develop muscle strength, building core muscles. Besides, they will increase their endurance and improve their spatial awareness.

4. Swinging
One of the most common swinging activities is the monkey bars, where children use their strength to swing from one rung to another. This activity makes children more aware of their movements as well as increasing their upper body strength. It might also be an effective way to increase their endurance, making it easier to get through the school day. This activity will also encourage them to develop their critical thinking skills as they figure out the best way to get across the bars.

5. Spinning Activities
Spinning around is a great way to introduce children to concepts like speed and direction. It will also help them improve their cognitive development as they try to figure out which direction they are facing. As this equipment tends to be very popular, it teaches them social skills like lining up and tolerance.

6. Balance Beams
Children often enjoy pretending to be pirates making each other walk the plank. This activity helps them improve their creativity. It also helps them build concentration and increase their endurance. It also introduces them to essential concepts like gravity and motion.

7. Engaging The Senses
The playground equipment for schools is the perfect place for children to learn things about the world as they grow up. Having things in the playground that are different textures, produce a range of sounds, and have many temperatures will help them learn. It will make them more curious to explore and experiment with their surroundings. It may also be a great way to teach them, while some things look the same, they might be different.

The playground is one of the best places for children to learn and develop their skills. There are seven things that a great preschool playground equipment should contain to make sure that the children get as much as possible.

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