Role of Dental Veneers in The Smile Makeover Process

Posted by Crossroads Dental Clinic on November 18th, 2019

The right term that defines Dubai is happiness because of the facilities that it offers. The city is giving so much to the people so it is the responsibility of the professionals to maintain that healthy smile on the face forever. It has become possible with the process of a smile makeover in Dubai. The concept or the treatment might be confusing but it is a very important introduction in the dental department because it helps to maintain a proper smile of the people. The term speaks a lot but there are many other details about the Smile Makeover Process that people need to know.

A right definition of the Smile makeover

 It is the process to improve the appearance of the smile with one or more dentistry procedures. The procedures used for the makeover is either cosmetic or surgical. The process transforms the imperfect and unattractive smile into a pleasing smile. There are several considerations that dentists take into account the process like the color, size, shape, position of the tooth. Along with that, they also check for positioning and length of the gum along with gum position and color.

As already mentioned above, smile makeover in Dubai is conducted with the help of several dentistry procedures and one amongst all of them is Dental veneers. The details of the subcategory of a smile makeover are the following:

What is Dental Veneers?

 It is an ultra-thin shell of tooth-colored porcelain or composite which the dentists cement over the facial surface of the teeth which corrects the dental issues. The primary issues that dental veneer focuses upon are the worn tooth enamel, uneven alignment of the tooth and spacing, discolored tooth and cracks in the tooth. It falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry and is very effective.

 Other Benefits of Dental Veneers

 They beautifully align the teeth with the right shape and structure

  • The process eliminates the need for additional or extensive treatments
  • The durability of the process is very high so people do not have to worry
  • No need of little or complete removal of the tooth structure

 These are front-end benefits that people enjoy with the treatment but along with all mentioned above, there are many others which people experience post-treatment.

The process is safe but people must remember some points before and after getting veneers and they are the following:

 Before the treatment

 The teeth and gum of the patients should be healthy and should be discussed clearly with the dentists.

  • It is not the right option for the people who clench or grind the teeth.
  • It is not possible to undo the process once the enamel is removed.
  • The veneers might get loose over time so there is a need for a new case.

 After the treatment

  • Veneers can break, crack or chip under pressure.
  • It takes time to get the feel of the veneers and get used to it.

 It is a common saying that “Smile is the best makeup” so it should always be there on the face of the people. To fill happiness in the life of the people smile makeover in Dubai is conducted by trained, skilled and experienced specialists

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