Basics of Kinetic Theory of Gas

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Properties such as temperature and pressure are known as macroscopic properties of gases. The microscopic phenomenon is related to these macroscopic properties. Molecular motion is known as the microscopic phenomenon. Therefore, the kinetic theory of gases can be defined as the relationship between macroscopic properties and microscopic phenomena. 

Kinetic means the study of motion and the motion of gas molecules are studied. 

Assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases

Following are the assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases:

  • The molecules that make of the gases are constantly moving in random directions.

  • The size of the molecules is less than the separation between these molecules.

  • When the gas molecules collide with each other and when they are kept in a glass container they do not exert any pressure. 

  • There are gas molecules that obey Newton’s laws of motion.

  • The collisions between the gas molecules are considered to be elastic. 

What is the formula of the kinetic theory of gases?

Following is the formula of the kinetic theory of gases:

PV = ⅓ Nmv-2


  • P is the pressure of the gas

  • V is the volume of the gas 

  • N is the number of molecules

  • m is the mass of each molecule

  • v is the average velocity of all the individual molecules velocities

Kinetic theory of gases is used for predicting other properties of gases such as:

  • A statistical distribution of molecular velocity.

  • Viscosity, the coefficient of diffusion, thermal conductivity are the transport properties that can be explained with the help of the kinetic theory of gases.

According to the kinetic theory of gases, the collision between the gas molecules and the container wall is responsible for the pressure of the gas. The average speed of the gas molecules and temperature are directly related to each other.

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