Schizophrenia Surgery Treatment for Schizophrenic Disease

Posted by beamprocedure on November 18th, 2019

A person suffering from Schizophrenic disease does not usually have a cure Schizophrenic but the only option for the Schizophrenic disease is Schizophrenia surgerythat is deep brain stimulation abbreviated as DBS, it is a New Parkinson’s treatment that uses electric pulses to help parts of the brain for better improvement. When a patient gets DBS or need new Parkinson’s treatment,then a surgeon wires or electrodes in the brain. Then it is connected to other device the patient puts under the skin in the chest to control the electric signals. 

During the Schizophrenia surgeryor the New Parkinson’s treatment two kinds of deep brain stimulation is needed. One is place electrodes and another to put in the device that controls them. The placing of electrodes is done in the initial process in this treatment. This kind of treatment cannot cure the treatment completely as it is a chronic disease but somehow manages to heal the disease.

What is Schizophrenic disease?

Schizophrenic is a mental disorder or illness which is a chronic disease suffers due to hallucination, delusions, disorganized thinking all involves all kind of mental illness in it. Schizophrenic is known as the most chronic disease in brain and has a serious treatment to deal with Schizophrenic patients. People suffering with this type of diseases suffer with emotions, anger, and anxiety as this misbalances the level of a person’s emotions and feelings.  This kind of patients lacks in creativity of mind, decision making and concentration power too. This heals only with Schizophrenia surgery.

A schizophrenic patient not only has lack of confidence and emotions but also suffers with severe breakdown of life and detachment from the world too. They’re way of thinking, thoughts, behavior, also at an extreme level they even suffer psychotic thoughts which make them to take decisions of suicide, and connectivity to the world lacks due to this kind of disorder.

Age group of Schizophrenia surgery treatment

These kinds of diseases often occur between the age group of 16years to 30 years. When the mind of a person is completely stabilized and normal as this disease occurs less to minor age like 12 years and below. Even if it occurs below 12 years old children then there will be certain symptoms as follow: lack of focus, lack of attention, impaired memory, impaired speech, depression, unstable emotions and lack in social skills. This kind of symptoms are enough to make a child psycho patient.

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