What Are The Best Models of Bridgestone Tyres That You Should Definitely Buy

Posted by Jack Noah on November 18th, 2019

All of us need a certain kind of balance in life to function smoothly. Whether it’s about studies, jobs or personal life, if we do not maintain a work-life balance, then it results in increased stress and confusion. But, do you know that our cars also require the same amount of balance and stability to ensure proper functioning.

But the question remains what is the fundamental element of a car that ensures its best performance?

Somehow we all require a companion in life, whether it is our parents or our wife. Having a companion by our side ensures a smooth and comfortable life journey. Similarly, the best companion for your car is performance tyres offered by Bridgestone.

Bridgestone performance tyres provide extreme agility and comfort levels when it comes to matching high-performance standards. To get a deeper understanding, we have prepared a list of excellent performance tyres mentioned below.

Turanza T005 Driveguard:In case you have to deal with wet and slippery roads more often, then the Turanza Driveguard is no less than a boon. But do you know what’s even more interesting? This is also a run-flat tyre, which means a lot of features at one price.

But that’s not enough! Turanza Driveguard also offers:

Tyre pressure monitoring system, based upon your car’s model

Being a Run-flat tyre, it allows you to drive at 50 mph for 50 miles after the puncture has occurred

Reinforced polyester and enhanced steel to ensure supreme handling capabilities

Why decide on just one Bridgestone tyre, when you can compare 3 of them?

Turanza T005: If exceptional braking performance and wet cornering are your priorities, then you should definitely buy the T005 model of the Turanza series.

Did you know that this performance Tyres Lichfieldhas a 3 metre shorter stopping distance than its competitors?

If you want to know more perks of buying the T005, have a look at the benefits of buying the Bridgestone Tyres Sutton Coldfieldmentioned below.

Comes with new compound mixing technology to improve the silica mixture, which results in an enhanced wet grip

Excellent hydroplaning technology due to high volume slots in the shoulder

Improved resistance to deformation because of even connection between the shoulder blocks

Turanza ER 33This is an excellent set of grand touring performance tyre and is used as original equipment for luxurious cars such as Nissan and Lexus. If your current tyres do not provide you with adequate traction on wet and dry roads, then Turanza ER 33 will be your best friend.

Additional features offered by the ER 33 are:

Symmetric tread design to provide predictable dry and wet handling

Internal structure made with twin steel belts to support optimum handling at high speeds

Polyester and rayon cord body to provide a comfortable driving experience

If high-speed wet handling and cornering is what you expect from your tyres, then visit us, at Trade Tyre Services. We offer the best in class performance tyres for your cars.

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