Surefire Secrets To Choosing Wood-look Tiles- A Buyer’s Guide!

Posted by Direct Tile and Bath on November 18th, 2019

Different house renovation/improvement materials come with different advantages, but very few of them can match the warmth and natural beauty of a wood tile. It lends in rustic elegance and a softer feel to create a natural splendor in your home.

On the flip side, as charming and elegant as it may seem, real wood can be expensive and difficult to maintain. And if you intend to incorporate it in more than one large-sized room; the estimated project can easily blow out of proportion.

Luckily, the market also provides homeowners a quality alternative in the form of Wood-Look Tiles!

Its USPs:-

  • Wood-look tiles imitate the gorgeous feel and appearance of natural wood tiles. Modern day technology creates the wood effect so realistic and smooth, that to the naked eye, it appears like natural wood planks.
  • They are impressively durable, scratch-resistant, long-lasting and impervious to water/moisture damage.
  • Wood-look tiles are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They cost significantly less to natural wood floor planks.
  • Most importantly- wood-look tiles in Perth can be fitted to wet-prone areas like wet room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

What To Consider When Choosing?

  • Check The Appearance:- Check if the wood-look tile is produced with 400 DPI resolution printing using ink-jet technology. The logic is- the more subtle the wood patter or texture, the more realistic is the appearance on the tile.
  • The Quality Of The Tile:- Quality of wood-look tiles vary. And if you want a reliable option, then opt for quality yet cheap porcelain wood-look tiles in Perth for your floors. They come with a high breakage point making it robust, naturally stain-resistant and impervious to water/moisture.

They are non-porous, prevents mould growth or harbouring of germs and bacteria. Plus, they are also easy to clean and upkeep. When you’re sorting your options, check:-

  • Its breakage rating.
  • PET rating 4 or 5 (which is the abrasion test of the tile).

And, if you intend to use wood-look tiles in wet areas of your home, then opt for porcelain wood-look tiles with ‘coefficient of friction’ (which is mainly the slip resistance measurement of the tile)greater than 0.60.

  • The Size Of The Tile:- Believe it- the size of the tile matters if you want to achieve a more naturistic floor look. Longer tiles emulate real wood planks, and so you should opt for tiles which measure 40”-48” in length (even more).

However, installing large-sized tiles do present a challenge in warping and lippage. They tend to ‘bow’ or ‘crown’; thus making the installed tile elevated in the centre area as compared to the edges. To execute immaculate installations; you should summon professional tile installation specialists serving your area. Using their experience and specialised tools, they will avert this issue during the installation stage.

  • The Edge Of The Tile:- Your aim should be to achieve a seamless-looking floor with thin grout lines. And as rectified tiles allow the smallest possible grout joints; you should opt for tiles which come with rectified edges at the time of wood look tiles.

Rectified edges are precise and consistent with smooth and uniform tile sides. This allow the tiles to be laid together closely with small grout space (like 3/16”) in between them. After installation, the resulting floor will be so realistic that you can hardly tell it apart from real wood floor planks.

Be sure to check each of these features when sorting out your tiles in Perth looking like wood for your interior flooring. Another point is procuring your quality tiles from a notable tile shop in Perth at industry-approved prices. That will give you peace of mind knowing you invested on the right flooring materials for your sweet abode!

Resource Box:- The author runs a shop that offers a wide variety of tiles in Perth for years. Be it wood-look tiles in Perth, Porcelain, tiles, ceramic or any other variant; the author ensures they are fair-priced for every buyer.

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