Every Zodiac Signís Ruling Planet & What It Actually Means

Posted by Andy on November 18th, 2019

Every Zodiac Sign’s Ruling Planet & What It Actually Means

Do you ever wonder what ruling planets have to do with anything?

You see them all the time while reading up about your zodiac sign, along with elements, symbols and dominant traits but how does your zodiac sign’s ruling planet actually affect you?

Here’s the thing:

Ruling planets and their respective sun signs were “matched up” by astrologers since the ancient times. They match up sun signs and planets according to seasons, qualities and energies.

Each sun sign harnesses its power from its ruling planet. Your ruling planet’s qualities translate to your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.

Although there have been recent changes due to planetary advancements like discoveries and the demotion of Pluto into a dwarf planet, the ancient pairings still hold true for most zodiac signs. That is, even though modern ruling planets have emerged for their sun signs, some individuals still live and breathe under their ancient ruling planet.

Here is a list of the original ruling planets for all zodiac signs.

Aries: Mars

As the God of war, Mars renders Arians aggressive, passionate, instinctive and easily angered.

Taurus: Venus

Venus, being the Goddess of Love, gives this sign a strong desire for luxury, love, beauty and money.

Gemini: Mercury

Geminis are highly intellectual beings who love to communicate and socialize, thanks to Mercury being the messenger of the Gods.

Cancer: Moon

The ruler of emotions preside Cancer, making them highly emotional, sensitive and moody individuals.

Leo: Sun

Leos are ruled by the all powerful Sun which gives them confidence, courage, bravery and an egoistic personality.

Virgo: Mercury

The messenger of the Gods also rule over Virgos but give them a different kind of power: critical thinking, organizing skills and unparalleled rationality.

Libra: Venus

Like Taureans, Libras are also ruled by Venus. This gives Libras a fixation for luxury and wealth but also brings out a desire for harmony.

Scorpio: Mars

Mars is responsible for Scorpios’ heightened instincts and aggressive tendencies.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Sagittarians’ love for life, desire for knowledge and growth and positive thinking are all thanks to Jupiter.

Capricorn: Saturn

Saturn’s rings of limitation make Capricorns highly-disciplined, responsible, hardworking and committed.

Aquarius: Saturn

Saturn, which represents Cronus, gives Arians wisdom and impeccable planning skills.

Pisces: Jupiter

Jupiter, the king of the Gods (aka Zeus) rules over Pisces. This makes them curious and intelligent risk-takers.

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