The 3 Best Muscle Builing Supplements of 2019

Posted by Greg Black on November 18th, 2019

Ever wondered why some people in your gym have so much muscle? A high chance they are using some sort of supplements that helps them with gaining all of that lean muscle mass.

Today we are going to look at the best 'Natural' supplements to gain lean muscle. 


BCAA's are one of the most studied supplements on the market. They are known for their ability to gain lean muscle mass and preserve muscle while in a caloric deficit. There are not many natural supplements that can do, what BCAA can do for you. It's a very interesting compound since you can use it the whole year round and do not have to cycle it for example. You can just take a few grams of BCAA before working out and you are good to go! Very simple, but very effective. 

2. Creatine

You might already heard of this one. Creatine is one of the most known supplements but is still one of the best in gaining lean muscle mass. Creatine is a product that is used in so many supplements. You might want to check out your pre-workout for example, high chance that they put creatine in there and called it a 'muscle building pre-workout'. However, I would just take some creatine before working out and put it in your shake. You can cycle it 4 weeks on 4 weeks off, depending on your own experience.

3. Laxogenin

This is a compound that you probably did not hear of. It's a very effective natural steroid that is plant-based. A natural steroid? Yes, that is correct, it works the same way as the real deal would do however this is totally natural and without the nasty side effects.

Before purchasing your supplements, always make sure to check out all the supplement reviews on the specific product.  

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