What’s The Best 50+ Magazine?

Posted by David Gonyea on November 18th, 2019

Whether you believe 50 is the new 40, or even the new 30, the over 50s market has long been misrepresented. When it comes to flicking through magazines, some will make you feel past your prime while others will be making you feel older than you actually are. A 50+ magazine needs to focus on all of the important aspects that matter to the over 50s.

From looking after ageing parents or children flying the nest to money, legal, health and wellness issues; you need a magazine that will help you to live life to the fullest while having all the knowledge you need for life over 50. So, what is the best 50+ magazine?

How to find the best 50+ magazine

Look for stories that matter to you – In some cases, it may be best to opt for a niche magazine that caters to a specific hobby or two. However, if you’re looking for the perfect coffee-break magazine, then you’ll want one that is full of a wide variety of well-written articles about subjects that you care about.

Dignity Magazine, for example, covers a vast range of topics in each bi-monthly issue. From health and social care, over 50s health as well as wealth, pension and legal advice. You have in-depth knowledge and engaging reads all in one magazine.

Actionable activities – Whether you are looking to try something new or need support with your lifestyle. The best 50+ magazine will be one that is full of easy to implement and practical tips. Whether it’s a guide to new exercise activity or perhaps helping you to address your consumer rights, you want information that you can really use.

If you’re searching for a magazine that will capture your interest, peak your excitement and support you with the issues that’s the over 50s face, then Dignity Magazine may be an excellent option for you. For just an £18 annual subscription fee, you can enjoy a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics as well as fun and enjoyable articles. Find out more here.

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