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Posted by Wanjiru Awour on November 18th, 2019

What Students Need To Know About Dissertation Writing


A dissertation can be defined as an academic task which involves the student undertaking to do in different ways. In most learning institutions, it is placed in the curriculum of their final year in the school as a project. Many students always ask why the dissertation, and especially in their final year.

Some common questions that students ask are;-

  • What exactly is the meaning of a dissertation?
  • Why am I required to do a dissertation?
  • How should this dissertation be?
  • How do I choose a good topic?
  • How do I schedule my time to ensure that I meet deadline?
  • How do I kick-off from scratch?
  • How do I approach and choose a supervisor?

Reasons for writing a dissertation

There are quite simple reasons why students are required to write a dissertation such as;-

  1. It aims to test the student understanding and ability to correlate all the subjects that they have learnt throughout college.
  2. It takes up a lot of time as the student is supposed to be actively involved with the research work and compilation.
  3. Its goal is to test the critical thinker side of a student and their originality with intellectual topics.
  4. It is not just theoretical but practical as they involve different methods of collecting data such as field study, interviews administration of questionnaires among others.
  5. Dissertations test on the student’s capability to produce an end result that is well reasoned and well interpreted.
  6. It aims to make you a scholar and a critic and a critical thinker.
  7. It tests your ability to work without complete supervision and your efficiency.
  8. Dissertations test a student ability to keep strict deadlines, which is crucial in employment and everywhere else.
  9. It prepares you for the job market.

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