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Statistic is the study that involves correction, analyzing, interpretation, and organization of data collected. Statistics is applied in many diverse areas examples being; industrial, scientific and other components of a society. Statistics deals with all aspects involved with data collection, planning and designing of collection methods.

Statistics is used when the census data is unavailable; statisticians can collect data using the most suitable methods. Experiments and samples are the most used methods in data collection. Experimental designs involve getting measurements from the system under study, manipulating the system and obtaining additional data that will help in coming up with outstanding results.

There are two main methodologies used in the process of data analysis. The first methodology is descriptive statistics, one which summarizes data obtained from a particular sample using indexes such as standard deviation, mean and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistic methodology is used where there are two sets of data to show the distribution pattern a good example being a population sample.

Mathematics statistics contains inferences which are made through the probability theory to analyze a certain random phenomenon. A standard statistical methodology deals with a relationship between two sets of data drawn from a system under study. A hypothesis is derived to compare the relationship between the two sets of data and coming up results.

Today, statistics is a major subject starting from the secondary level to university level. Being a career subject, rigorous studying is enhanced to see to it that the students perform very well to pursue their desired career in the field of statistics. Nowadays, statistics is used to solve or analyze some aspects in the society or a country at large. A god example where statistics is applicable is during the census. Census is conducted to determine the number of people in a country. The data collected during the census helps the government in allocating resources and identifying the densely populated areas.

The history of statistics dates back to the 5th century BC. It was first applied in the ancient civilization era to determine a few aspects of the society. However its full implementation was realized in the 18th century where it drew attention from calculus and probability theory. In this era, statistics has been majorly used in active research in order to determine big data.

Statistics homework help

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Statistics is a vital component of multitude in most academic discipline including biology, sociology, physics and also business. As such, many students in all these fields require help from expert statisticians to ensure that they get precise data and analysis.

Most of the students who contact are degree students who want us to deliver to them quality data analysis for their statistics assignment. Data analysis is also vital for students’ dissertations in their final projects for universities and we are always there to help them through that stage. Beginners are not left out also, we cater for whatever problems they have and guide them with fundamentals of statistics.

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