How to deal with leakage or leakage in the application of the globe valve

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

How to deal with the application of the globe valve leakage or leakage: leakage is better to deal with, for the flange leak, the flange bolts and then tighten, if not enough, we should look at the flange gasket If there is damage, the filler at the leak, the tight packing gland, if the packing is too loose, we must add filler, if the body is directly on the drain, low pressure, then you can weld it, if it is high pressure to give up, safe First, the internal leakage problem, the situation is not good to determine, first, may not be closed, and then shut off the force, and second, the valve seat seal damage, this will be re-grinding, for the spool damage, depends on the Scouring damage or damage by the media impact, but both have to re-welding sealing surface. Internal leakage is generally the valve seat or spool sealing surface damage, this can grind the valve seat or spool sealing surface, but there is an ad hoc situation if the electric or pneumatic may be the valve stroke is not set. Leakage depends on what leakage, if the valve leakage on the body can only change the valve. Internal leakage should be the sealing surface problems, look at the sealing surface to see if the effect of leakage, the valve is different from the different location, should be treated differently. If there is any leakage at the packing, tighten or replace the packing. There are many cut-off valve leaks, leakage in most cases is from the gland leakage, the gland to open to add or replace the filler and then gland should not leak. Internal leakage is inside the spool on the sealing surface is broken, but the actual experience tells us that sometimes leakage may have hard objects stuck in the valve above, resulting in internal leakage, the specific approach is to open the valve and then closed A few times to go back and forth on the hard object on it. If the valve itself is the problem, we must choose the right time to replace the valve.

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