Introduction to the use of liquid pumps

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Submerged pump according to the length of the container into the different (usually 1 to 1.5m) made of specifications. Submerged pump working part of the submerged in the liquid, so there is no liquid seal shaft seal phenomenon; pump operation generated by the axial and radial force by the rolling bearings and sliding bearings, respectively, so quiet and quiet operation; sealed packing at the cooling system may be According to the temperature of the user using the medium, take away the heat with cooling water. Submerged pump and medium in contact with the parts, Department of polyvinyl butyral modified phenolic glass fiber, high temperature molded phenolic fiberglass parts, coupling pipe, the liquid pipe using a semi-dry roll made of technology Phenolic fiberglass pipe, impeller sleeve assembly are used phenolic cement and submerged pump shaft stick together, the assembly of the submarine are bonded with phenolic cement, into the liquid all without metal and media contact, corrosion resistance is absolutely reliable , The product has the advantages of light weight, high strength, no distortion, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and the like, and can partially replace the precious metals such as aluminum-containing stainless steel, iron and titanium alloy in corrosion protection. Underwater pump in the direction of transmission and rotation: The pump is driven directly by the motor via a claw-type flexible coupling and the pump is rotated clockwise from the motor end. FRP submerged pumps are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, rare earth, fertilizer and other industries, in the storage tank on the transport of suspended solids, difficult to crystallize, the temperature is not higher than 100 ℃ of non-oxidation Acid (hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid) and other corrosive media the most ideal equipment. The use of submerged pump: 1. Medium temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, medium weight is 1 ~ 1.3kg / dm3. 2. The use of cast iron material PH value in the range of 5 to 9. 3.1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel can use a variety of corrosive media. Submerged pump assembly and disassembly: submerged pump assembly sequence (1) the bearings were mounted on the bearing box and bearing seat. (2) Felt ring mounted on the bearing cap A, C and bearing box. (3) B, C mounted on the bearing housing and bolted. (4) Put the bearing box bearing on the shaft, screw on the round nut, and fasten the bearing cover a to the bearing box. (5) Fit the shaft into the bearing housing, fix it with bolts, screw the adjustment screw, and install the bearing on the bearing seat. Place the retaining ring in place on the lower bearing. (6) The coupling pipe is fixed on the bearing seat, and the pump cover is installed on the lower part of the coupling pipe. The impeller is mounted on the lower part of the shaft and tightened, and the front cover of the pump body is installed in turn, and bolted, and the adjusting screw Adjust the gap between the impeller and the front cover, (control within 1 - 1.5mm) adjusted with a nut, bolt fastening. (7) The motor support installed in the bearing seat bolted to the shaft at the top of the shaft coupling parts, and the motor coupling fastening screws fastening the motor shaft, the motor mounted on the motor support, And with bolts, nuts fastening. (8) The asbestos pad, the elbow, and the discharge tube are installed from the order of the pump and fixed on the support seat. Underwater pump start and stop: 1, observe the pump has been installed on the foundation, all the bolts are tightened. 2, check the pump axial clearance has been adjusted (pull the coupling no friction sound) 3, the fuel injection of calcium-based butter 4, check the motor rotation direction is correct 5, start the motor, open the pressure gauge cock, when Pump to work at full speed, adjust the gate valve opening to the required range. 6, the pump stops working, should stop the motor, and then close the pressure gauge cock. 7, long-term shutdown pump, the pump should be disassembled, wipe clean, coated with anti-rust oil properly preserved. Submerged pump operation: 1, pay attention to pump bearing temperature, the outside temperature should not exceed 35 degrees but the maximum should not exceed 75 degrees. 2, the cup should be filled with calcium-based butter to ensure that the bearing can be normal lubrication. 3, the pump in the first month of work, or after 100 hours of operation, should replace the motor oil cup butter, after every 2000 hours of work to be replaced once. 4, check the elastic coupling regularly, pay attention to the motor bearing temperature rise. 5, during the rotation, if found noise or unusual sound, should immediately stop inspection. 6, the pump should be carried out every 2000 hours of inspection cycle, impeller, pump (or pump cover) the gap between the wear and tear can not be too large, the maximum gap should not exceed 1.5 mm, such as more than replaceable impeller or front cover. 7, the pump work 6 hours, should check the machine seal, according to the degree of wear and tear to be overhauled or replaced, otherwise it will lead to pump shaft and bearing damage.

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