Chemical centrifugal pump precautions

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

The working principle of the chemical centrifugal pump is that under the circumstance that the pump is filled with water, the impeller rotates to produce the centrifugal force, and the water in the impeller channel is thrown to the pump shell by the centrifugal force under the action of centrifugal force, so the pressure in the center of the impeller is reduced, Water pressure, water in the role of the pressure difference from the suction tank into the impeller. This pump can continue to absorb water constantly supply. In addition to the role of the impeller, the role of spiral pump shell is also very important. The fluid that has gained energy from the impeller has a greater function as it flows out of the impeller. The liquid collects in the helical casing and changes the kinetic energy into pressure energy in the diffuser. Compared with other kinds of pumps, the chemical centrifugal pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy to wear, smooth operation, low noise, uniform water discharge, convenient adjustment and high efficiency, therefore, the chemical centrifugal pump has been widely used. Chemical Centrifugal Pump Notes: First, the chemical centrifugal pump installation instructions 1 installation of pipe weight should not be added to the pump, should have their own support, so as not to affect the deformation of the operation performance and life expectancy. 2. Pump and motor is the overall structure, no need to find the correct installation, so the installation is very convenient. 3. The installation must be tightened anchor bolts, so as to avoid the impact of vibration on pump performance when starting. 4. Before installing the pump should be carefully checked whether there is any impact on the pump runner pump hard material (such as stones, iron particles, etc.), so as to avoid damage to the pump impeller and pump body. 5. For maintenance convenience and safety, install a regulating valve on the inlet and outlet of the pump and install a pressure gauge near the pump outlet to ensure the operation within the rated head and flow range, to ensure the normal operation and growth of the pump The life of the pump. 6. Pump suction stroke occasions should be equipped with the end of the valve, and the inlet pipe should not have too many corners, at the same time not have leakage, leakage phenomenon. 7. Discharge pipe, such as check valve should be installed outside the gate valve. 8 After the installation of the pump shaft, the impeller should be friction sound or stuck phenomenon, or should open the pump to check the reasons. 9. Pump installation is divided into rigid connection and flexible connection installation. Second, the chemical centrifugal pump start and stop: (A). Preparation before starting 1. Hand to dial the motor blades, the impeller should be no card-grinding phenomenon, flexible rotation. 2. Open the inlet valve, open the vent valve to allow the fluid to fill the entire pump chamber, and close the vent valve. 3. Hand pump pump so that the lubricating liquid into the mechanical seal face. 4. Move the motor to determine the steering is correct. (B). Start and run 1. Fully open the inlet valve, close the discharge pipe valve. 2. Turn on the power, when the pump reaches the normal speed, then gradually open the valve on the discharge pipe and adjust to the required conditions. 3. Observe the instrument readings, check the shaft seal leakage, the normal mechanical seal leakage,

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