Speed ​​motor common fault and maintenance

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Speed ​​motor in the long-term use, due to poor working conditions around the poor, untidy ground, a long time, due to electrification and armature suction, the electromagnetic attraction of the motor and other reasons, so leisurely dust, paper , Metal shavings and the like enter the interior of the motor and adhere to the bore of the clutch armature and the surface of the pole rotor. Once the motor is accumulated too much will block the free space during the idle, so that the magnetic pole rotor and asynchronous motor rotation speed, there Print high-speed "speed", the speed can not be adjusted phenomenon, even when the loss of ring motor slip clutch control device element. Therefore, for speed motor slip motor, should be regularly removed every year on its line of dust cleaning, in order to avoid such headline title. Speed ​​?? motor electrical system due to poor maintenance often appear the following 5 points fault. 1. The main drive motor is not running properly Slip motor during operation will be violent vibration, causing the bearing fever. Disassemble the clutch armature and the pole rotor, check the motor bearing is a serious lack of grease, resulting in serious wear bearings, motor performance degradation. At this point need to replace the damaged bearings, and filling good grease. Under normal circumstances, all parts of this part of the organization should conduct a clean, fuel, in order to ensure the normal operation of the main drive motor. 2. Occurred cyclical decline in host speed this situation, most of the mechanical part of the fault caused by the speed motor cots more, each rubber roller bearings to support the move. If a rubber roller at either end of the bearing failure, may cause the host of the cyclical peak under the peak, serious, the host will be more setback movement, should replace the bearing Caixing. In addition, you should pay attention to the host drum (including plates, eraser, impression cylinder) bearing and lubrication parts of the work is normal, if the failure will also affect the printing speed. 3. Speed ​​motor speed after the motor speed and then gradually decline as a result of downtime this situation, you need to observe the governor motor cabinet galvanometer pointer change. If it indicates a sharp increase in current, the overload protection device such as the thermal relay of the main motor inevitably generates a protective action, so that the main motor is turned off and the three-phase power is turned off. At this moment, it is necessary to carefully check the wiring components of the main motor circuit and the AC contactor of the main motor, and whether the wiring parts of overload protection devices such as all thermal relays in the speed regulation motor cabinet are loosened and the contact is bad and feverish. If these parts have the title of the title, it will cause a protective shutdown after the main motor speed up due to poor contact between the wires and components in the circuit so that the current rapidly increases. When the speed motor running speed is low, due to the main motor current is small and will not occur when the descending speed of the expected decline in gas downtime, but when the speed motor speed, the electrical load, the electrical components Failure will be revealed. In actual work, sometimes you can see the speed motor motor cabinet terminals due to poor contact wire fever, even in the junction of the oxide layer, the wire insulation charcoal discoloration, the title of these topics will seriously affect the main Drive motor's normal operation. In this case, the operator is required to take appropriate measures immediately, such as cleaning the contact surfaces between the terminals and the wires, tightening the screws, removing the burned wire oxide layer, and replacing the damaged terminals. 4. The main drive motor running noise is greater In order to adjust the slip motor balancing, the armature and pole rotor are equipped with a counterweight device at both ends. If this part of the device is slightly loose, then the slip motor at high speed will move away from the precarious position. If the fault occurs in the outer surface of the main drive motor, it will cause local friction armature and pole rotor, so that noise increases. At this time, it is necessary to shut down and repair, restore the dynamic balance of the armature and the pole rotor, and find the position of the original balance weight and fix it so that the main drive motor can operate normally. 5. The main drive motor brake electromagnetic clutch must be maintained at a constant speed Motor brake clutch yoke, armature, friction plate and other parts of the clean, free of oil and any debris. No matter what electrical components, if the adhesion of excessive paper, dust and metal debris and other impurities, work long hours, so that the electrical components fever, poor contact, and the friction in these impurities increase the clutch in the non-suction Closing friction load and damage. At this point, the electrical components due to poor contact without pull-in, so that the temperature increases, the braking electromagnetic clutch coil insulation will be prematurely damaged, and eventually burned. Therefore, pay special attention to maintenance, regular brushing with gasoline brush and other parts on the friction plate and other impurities, on the speed motor electrical cabinets all the electrical components above the paper towels, dust and other impurities to clean up, in order to facilitate the cooling heat of the clutch , Reduce the loss, reduce the working temperature, extend the service life of electrical components.


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