Analysis of Several Reasons for Pump Not Out of Water

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Several reasons for the pump is not water analysis: Before the start of the pump did not fill enough water, it seems that irrigation water has overflowed from the vent, but did not turn the pump shaft to completely expel the atmosphere, resulting in a slight atmosphere left in the inlet pipe or pump Body. Inlet pipe and pump body atmosphere (1) The horizontal section of the inlet pipe in contact with the pump Reverse flow direction Applied 0.5% or more of the descending slope, the connection pump inlet end of the highest, not completely level. If you tilt up, the inlet pipe will keep the atmosphere, reducing the vacuum in the water pipes and pumps, affecting water absorption. (2) the long-term use of the pump filler has been worn or the packing pressure too loose to form a lot of water from the gap between the filler and the pump shaft sleeve ejected, the effect is that the external atmosphere from these gaps into the pump's internal, Affected the mention of water. (3) Before starting the pump did not fill enough water, occasionally appears to pour irrigation water overflow from the vent hole, but did not turn the pump shaft to completely expel the atmosphere, resulting in a slight atmosphere left in the inlet pipe or pump body. (4) Inlet pipe Due to long-term potential underwater, pipe wall corrosion presents hole, water pump things stop falling, when these holes exposed water, the atmosphere from the hole into the civilian into the water pipe. (5) cracks in the inlet pipe bend, inlet pipe and pump connection showing a huge gap, there are about to enter the atmosphere into the water pipe. Pump speed is too low (1) human factors. Some users due to damage to the original motor, coupled with another motor driven, the effect of the formation of a small flow, low lift or even the consequences of the water. (2) the pump's own mechanical failure. Impeller and pump shaft fastening nut loose or deformation of the shaft bending, the formation of more impeller move, and the pump friction, or bearing damage, have probably reduced the pump speed. (3) power machine repair is not working. Motor winding due to burn, and loss of magnetism, the maintenance of the winding turns, diameter, wiring essentials change, or maintenance failure is not completely ruled out elements will make the pump speed change. Suction too deep Some of the water is deep, some of the water outside the flat terrain, and mistakenly allow the suction pump suction, resulting in less water or the foundation can not absorb the effect of water. It is important to know that there is a limit to the degree of vacuum that can be established at the suction port of a pump. The suction at a relative vacuum is about 10 meters high and the pump does not create a relative vacuum. And the vacuum is too large, easy to pump the water gasification, bad things on the pump. Therefore, the centrifugal pump has its maximum allowable suction, usually between 3-8.5 meters. When installing the pump must not be simple and easy. Water flow in the income and expenditure of the resistance loss is too large Some users after the measurement, although the pond or tower to the water surface of the vertical distance is slightly smaller than the pump head, but still mention the amount of water is small or mention the water. The reason is often too long pipe, pipe bend more water loss in the pipeline resistance is too large. The reason is often too long pipe, pipe bend more water loss in the pipeline resistance is too large. Under normal circumstances, the water pump 90 degree bend pipe resistance than the 120-degree bend, each 90-degree elbow lift loss of about 0.5-1 meters, every 20 meters of pipe resistance can make head loss of about 1 meter. In addition, some users are also free to pump into the pipe diameter, which also has a certain impact on the lift. The other elements of the impact (1) at the end of the valve can not be opened. Usually due to the pump donated too long, the bottom valve gasket was stuck, and the bottom valve with no gasket probably rust died. (2) the bottom valve filter screen is clogged; or the bottom valve creates a clog in the sludge layer in the potential water. (3) Impeller wear and tear. Impeller blades worn by long-term use, affecting the performance of the pump. (5) Leakage of the outlet pipe will also affect the amount of water delivered. (4) the valve can be a check valve failure or blockage will result in reduced flow or even pumping on the water.

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