Pneumatic knife gate valve installation

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Pneumatic knife gate valve installation and use: 1. Before installation to check the valve cavity and the sealing surface and other parts, do not allow dirt or grit attached; 2. The bolts of the connection parts, require uniform tightening; 3. Check the packing parts required pressure Tight, both to ensure that the packing seal, but also to ensure that the gate open flexible; 4. Users in the installation of the valve before the valve must be calibrated, connect the size and pay attention to the flow of media to ensure consistency with the valve requirements; 5. Users in the installation of the valve , The necessary space for valve actuation must be reserved; 6. The wiring of the drive device shall be carried out according to the wiring diagram; 7. The pneumatic knife gate valve must be regularly maintained and free of collision and squeezing so as not to affect the sealing.

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