The characteristics of mud pump and the use of attention (Figure)

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Mud sand pump is suitable for drawing construction yarn, silt, silt, tailings slurry, ore, iron ore, sewage treatment plant sediment. Mud sand pump structural features: 1, PN series mud pump mainly by the pump, impeller, guard, pump cover, bracket and bearing components and other components. 2, pump body, impeller, guard material can be gray cast iron, wear-resistant alloy and non-metallic wear-resistant materials, users can choose according to the purpose of use. 3, the pump shaft seal packing seal, and high pressure flush water in the packing room, better ensure the normal operation of the pump. 4, the pump steering counterclockwise seen from the inlet, pump outlet from the inlet to the right in the horizontal direction, as the site needs outlet can be adjusted in 360 degrees. Note the use of mud sand pump: 1 mud pump fixed at the job site, you should first check the prime mover spindle and pump spindle in the same axis, if different axis should be made for precise adjustment. 2, the pump inlet and outlet pipes should be bearing support to avoid the pipeline gravity applied to the pump body. Pipeline installation should be imported from the pump flange outward, and immediately make the support positioning. 3, mud pump work must be filled with high-pressure water chamber to protect the seal seal components. The main pump should not be closed during normal work of high pressure water pump. Water pressure should be greater than the mud pump working pressure. Stuffing chamber components wear quickly without high pressure water protection. 4, pump performance table Suction is the pump under normal temperature water vapor cavitation characteristics. In the process of pumping sediment should be as far as possible to pump the inlet pressure is positive pressure. Sediment contains large solid particles when the pump flow head will also be affected, the media should be considered when selecting media. 5, the replacement of impeller, liner and other wearing parts should be adjusted before and after the impeller and the gap between the liner, impeller and the liner axial gap size of the pump performance and service life have a greater impact. 6, please timely and appropriate bearing parts filling grease. 7, the pump at work abnormal vibration, noise and bearing temperature is too high, should stop checking.

Glass Fiber Tubes was the heavest tube of carbon fiber tubes. However, it was the cheapest chose amoung Full Carbon Fiber Tube, carbon tube, G10 tube.

The Glass Fiber Tube is formed by impregnating glass fiber and solidified in a high speed polymerization unit with light and electric heating.

Because of the variety of resin used, there are polyester fiberglass, epoxy FRP and phenolic FRP. It has the characteristics of light and hard, hard, non conductive, high mechanical strength, anti aging, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Fiberglass tube has been widely applied in many fields, such as oil, electricity, chemical industry, papermaking, urban water supply and drainage, factory sewage treatment, seawater desalination, gas transportation and so on.

Glass Fiber Tube

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