Analysis of twenty - two basic problems of heat pump water heater

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Central heat pump water heater is following the gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heaters a new generation of hot water assembly, is to replace the boiler water heating equipment. Heat pump water heaters to receive heat in the air and the sun can be integrated electric water heaters and solar water heaters strengths of the safe energy-saving environmentally friendly water heaters, 365 days a year can not be weather-restricted operation is a national key promotion project . Many people are familiar with the "pump" is a potential energy to improve the mechanical equipment, such as the pump is mainly to raise the water mark or increase water pressure, and "heat pump" is a natural from the air, water or soil to get Low heat, output by electric current through the force of high quality hot equipment can be used by many people, is a saving, environmental protection, clean mining and slow hot water equipment, heat pump technology in recent years has drawn great attention in the world New energy skills. First, how to understand the "heat pump"? For a simple example, the car consumes a few liters of gasoline can transport several tons of cargo from one place to another premises, heat pump unit can receive heat from the natural heat pump "drive" (Electric power driven heat pump), suffering from heat can be used for production, subsistence. Second, there are several heat pump? According to different heat sources, heat pump can be divided into air source heat pump, water source heat pump and ground source heat pump. Third, the heat pump water heater is the sun can produce it? Broad sense from the point of yes, but the heat pump unit and the daily production can have a qualitative distinction, the main table at the moment things are different: General Sun products must Heat the direct mapping of sun light or radiation to achieve the heating effect, and heat pump unit is mainly to receive heat in the case to achieve the heating effect. Fourth, the heat pump unit according to what reason held heat? Heat pump unit equipped with a heat absorbing medium - refrigerant, it liquefied state below minus 20 ℃, with the outside temperature there is a temperature difference, therefore, the refrigerant can be Receiving outside heat, vaporizing the liquid inside the evaporator to change the gas, increasing the temperature of the refrigerant through the compressor in the heat pump unit, and then changing the refrigerant from the gas-changing state to the liquefying state through the condenser. During the conversion process, A lot of heat, to the Sheng Shui box of storage water, so that the water temperature, to achieve the purpose of heating water, which is the peculiarities of the product, but also the market potential grounds for reason. Fifth, the heat pump unit has a heat exchanger, then the run-time is definitely to use electricity? Is to use electricity, but the electricity is only used in the drive heat pump to receive heat from the outside world, and the heat released to heat water, Instead of the usual electric water heater that directly heat the water, so little power consumption. Sixth, heat pump units and other heating systems compared to the pattern of what advantage? Heat pump heat table at the moment: efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, safety. No flammable, explosive gas, no electrical components, is absolutely safe; No matter what the exhaust, waste water, waste emissions, absolute environmental protection, heat pump unit annual average operating cost only electric direct heating 1/4, fuel, gas Heating 1/3 ~ 1/2, the general sun can 1 / 1.5. Seven, the first phase of investment and takeover cycle how? Heat pump unit of the first phase of investment than fuel, gas boiler slightly higher, but because of its special energy-saving effect, generally within a year and a half through the energy-saving style will be Cost recovery, steam boilers and other heating systems are generally applied to survive the life of only five years, and the application of heat pump life of up to 15 years. Eight, air heat pump unit power consumption generally how? Air heat pump unit thermal efficiency is usually 300% -500%, with a temperature rise of 40 ℃, producing about a ton of hot water consumption of about 9-15 degrees. The pattern of ordinary electric heating requires 52 degrees power consumption. Nine, the air heat pump hot water unit application and operation is simple? Application is very simple, the entire unit to accept the intelligent control system, users only need to open the power when the first Shi Li, the application process in the purely become the fact that automation Run to reach the user-specified water temperature automatically shut down when the system is lower than the user-specified water system boot operation, purely make it a fact 24 hours a day hot water without waiting. X. When the winter low temperature, the heat pump unit is able to run normally, air heat pump hot water unit with intelligent frost function to ensure that the unit in stable operation under low temperature conditions, it can be in accordance with the outdoor temperature, evaporator fin temperature and Unit running time and other parameters of a comprehensive, intelligent judge automatically enter and exit the box. November 1, October 1, compared with the conventional sun, air heat pump unit which advantages? The advantages are quite significant, the main table at the moment 4 aspects: 1, from the investment side: Funding for heat pump water heaters than conventional products can produce less energy, and can be applied to economic power, when electricity is low when the hot water savings. 2, From the application: the general daily sun can produce a product affected by the weather, rainy days, snowy days, dark night can not do things, and heat pump hot water unit whether cloudy, rainy days, snowy days, dark or sunlight Fairy can be as usual, free from hot water supply restrictions. 3, from the operating costs, the general sun in the sun can be direct, almost zero-cost operation, unfortunately, in the rainy day or night can only sustenance auxiliary system, the count value indicates that the normal Shi Li, general Sun assisted system Energy consumption throughout the year than heat pump unit total energy consumption is higher. 4, Other functions: heat pump unit is not limited to the location, can be placed on any side, and covers a very small space, and the general daily can achieve the effect of uniform heating takes a lot of space, you must also open Placed; heat pump unit in the hot water can produce chill, can be used for dehumidification, reduce temperature and air filtration and other auxiliary functions. Do I need to always fill the refrigerant? Air heat pump unit with the same refrigerator is a gap device, to the user when the calendar has been filled according to quantitative refrigerant, the user does not need to be filled in their own process. Thirteen, why heat pump water heaters than electric water heaters or natural gas water heater more useful? General heating essentials are direct use of energy to heat water, electric water heaters, energy efficiency of about 95%, natural gas is about 75% The heat pump unit is used to drive the compressor, rather than directly for heating water, thermal reality from the situation. 14, receiving heat from the situation for what will make the heat pump more efficient? Heat pump unit with 1 piece of electrical energy can draw from the case of 2-3 does not charge heat, and then use these heat to heat water, depleted 1 electric energy Used to heat hot water, so the final thermal efficiency can reach 300% -500%. Does it need to be supplied to the engine room? No, the heat pump unit can be placed on any side of your premises without affecting the quality of the building. It requires little space and no direct sunlight. Installation is easy and can be placed outdoors , Can also be placed in the unobtrusive dead ends or the basement, and can make the fact that no one operation, automatic temperature control water supply. Sixteen, heat pump unit can be used for some occasions? Heat pump unit is a very extensive scale, there are for hotels, hostels, schools, hospitals, saunas, beauty salon, swimming pool, laundry, mining and other presets Of various types of commercial machines, but also for the family default models of various types of home machines, but also can get free access to chill, you can make the fact that heating throughout the year. Seventeen, if the use of multiple heat pump, which one out of the need to answer the question whether the impact of the whole system? Does not affect. Air heat pump unit has a modular function, accept the grid operation, each heat pump unit can be separated from the individual control, even if one out of the need for others to answer the question, in fact, does not affect the maintenance of other normal operation of the unit . Eighteen, heat pump units can use low trough price? Yes, and is automatically controlled operation. Air heat pump unit in accordance with the user's preset amount of hot water in response to the configuration of the warm water box, warm water box with outstanding thermal efficiency, air heat pump unit at the same time with the start-stop function, which can be in Preparation of hot water at low trough stored in warm water box.

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