How long the life of concrete pump truck can have

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How long can concrete pump life? Even Putzmeister's experienced engineers are often overwhelmed by this problem, as Putzmeister pumps are often refreshed with this record: Recently, how many machines have their customers' useful life already Break through 40 years. Fortunately Putzmeister service department has many experts in the real sense, because the computer company only records the information of the pump truck that has been manufactured since 1983, when those veteran pump trucks need the corresponding spare parts for maintenance When it comes to maintenance, our engineers need to find matching parts and components from old paper materials and even their own mind. Of course, so far we can cope with it. In many cases, service requests received by our after-sales department can only rely on the engineers' experience to solve the problem. For example, a B232 concrete pump truck manufactured by the company in 1971 still used hydraulic pumping system as the driving force. The owner of the pump, a Polish private-owned owner, had never intended to retire the pump, and he regularly ordered new spare parts for the pump from us. What determines the service life of the pump truck? There are mainly three factors that determine the service life of our pump truck after it is shipped from the factory: 1. The equipment is used and maintained 2. The actual working time of the equipment 3. The mass of pump concrete The amount of pump delivered According to Putzmeister According to the engineers, the most crucial factor for our pump truck to ensure its service life of at least 10 years under normal use is its design. During concrete pumping, the fabric rod will withstand very large and very complex loads. These loads come mainly from the pumping of concrete and the movement of the fabric rod. Fabric Fatigue Testing Technology - In the past and in the past, designers can only rely on their knowledge and experience, or refer to other relevant information and technical specifications. If you have any questions or uncertainties, he usually increases the strength of the material used at the key point of the fabric rod in order to ensure the service life of the fabric rod. In late 1970 Putzmeister had the first long-term job simulation test software. If the design of the fabric rod can pass the same amount of construction fatigue test for 15 years, then such fabric rod will really put into mass production. In fact, the result is clear: Most machines, after ten years of use, can still be used normally in concrete pumping construction, just as the 1971 machine is still in service in Poland. Since 1990, the company's design engineers have begun to apply finite element analysis software to their design work, which helps them to precisely calculate the forces on machine components under different conditions. Engineers can design more rational, lightweight, durable, reliable fabric rod. The new fabric bar test system allows them to learn about the service life of the fabric bar in less time. In China, a special test of the products in the young and dynamic in China, those well-designed products is how to embody these advantages of durable advantages? After all, there has not been used for 40 years pump. In fact, some pump trucks here actually work more hours than you can imagine, just as China is changing rapidly. In China, some young machines are very old in terms of actual working hours. A M46 pump truck delivered in 2003 has almost never been stopped after it has been delivered to the customer. It is quite normal for concrete pump capacity of more than 90,000 m3 a year. At the busiest time, each of them Month to pump 12000m3 of concrete. In Europe? Most of the pump truck pumping volume is about 30,000 m3 per year, which means that the actual service life of the car here has far exceeded the 10-year pump truck in Europe, of course, such a high-intensity work for it It may still be quite a while.

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