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Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

one 40 feet full container Concrete Pump Pipe , concrete pump cylinders, Concrete Pump S Valve , Concrete Pump Clamp coupling, Concrete Pump Reducer Pipe ,putzmeister Concrete Pump Parts send to our respected customer !

Putzmeister spare parts pacakge

Concrete Pump Delivery Cylinder PACKAGE

Container loading over

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the Hydraulic Shut Off Valve, we have two kinds, one kind is the semic-automatic shut off valve, also have fully -automatic shut off valve (120v and 380v). These hydraulic ones can improve the working efficiency. this kind of fully hydraulic shut off valve usually has motor, can be controlled by electricity . semic hydraulic one usually is used by oil. the price is higher than the manuel shut off valve .

Concrete Pump Hydraulic Shut Off Valve

Concrete Pump Hydraulic Shut Off Valve,Concrete Pump Accessories,Hydraulic Shut Off Valve

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