2CY stainless steel gear pump introduction

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

2CY stainless steel gear pump rotation direction with the inlet and outlet ports consistent, 2CY stainless steel gear pump if the first run, or long-term idle after use, preferably at no-load or light load for about an hour or so. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise are detected in advance during running-in, the machine should be shut down for inspection. 2CY stainless steel gear pump bearing or flange and its drive motor should be installed with a common foundation, flange or bearing are required to have sufficient rigidity to reduce 2CY stainless steel gear pump vibration and noise generated during operation. Motor and 2CY stainless steel gear pump shall be connected with a flexible coupling, concentricity less than 0.1 mm, the inclination angle of not more than 1 degree. Do not use hammer hammer when installing the coupling, so as not to damage the gears and other parts of 2CY stainless steel gear pump. If the pulley, sprocket and other drive should be set brackets support Hdoxt8, to prevent the driving gear bearing radial force. Fastening 2CY stainless steel gear pump, motor ground screw, the screw force should be uniform, reliable connection. Turn the coupling by hand, you should feel 2CY stainless steel gear pump can easily rotate, there is no clamping and other anomalies, and then can be piping. 2CY stainless steel gear pump suction pipe diameter should be large enough and to avoid a narrow channel or sharp turn, reduce the elbow, remove unnecessary valves, accessories, as far as possible to reduce the pump installation height, shorten the length of the suction pipe to reduce the pressure loss. Pipe joints and other components of the seal should be good to prevent air intrusion, thereby controlling the occurrence of cavitation and cavitation. Check valve and safety valve 2CY stainless steel gear pump output pipe is best to install a check valve. In this way, when repairing the pump and the output pipe, the liquid in the system will not flow backwards. 2CY stainless steel gear pump with a load of parking, but also to prevent the pump inverted and produce a partial vacuum in its output pipe. It should be noted that the outlet check valve can not be installed anti-jamming phenomenon or appear. High viscosity 2CY stainless steel gear pump outlet pipe should also be set safety valves and other protective devices, so that once the pump outlet channel blockage, you can open the safety valve pressure relief. The safety valve can be cast in one piece with the pump body or pump head and can also be assembled separately. 2CY stainless steel gear pump for positive and negative rotation, the import and export pipelines are required to set the safety valve.

Sintered Alnico made by powder metallurgy method of production, for production of complex shape, light, thin, small products,
widely used in instrumentation, communications, magnetic switches and various sensors.

Unlike cated Alnico Magnets, sintered Alnico magnets(sintered Alnicos) offer lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics. Mixes of metal powders are pressed to shape and size. The sintering process is well suited to large volume production, and results in parts that are structurally stronger than cast Alnico magnets. Relatively close tolerances can be achieved without grinding.

Application of Sintered Alnico magnets:
•Electronic ignition systems
•Volt-amp meters
•Industrial motors
•Vending machines
•Watt bour meters
•Medical instruments
•Magnetic reed switches

Sintered Alnico Magnet

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