Strive to create a barometer of the development of the world footwear industry

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Strive to create a barometer of the development of the world footwear industry

As raw material prices rise, the footwear industry is facing a new round of tests. Rigid manufacturing costs inevitable transfer to the next link, directly facing the end consumer clothing, not the price will be loss, the market competition is very fierce, especially in the shoe materials industry, low-cost vicious competition.

From the release of the situation over the past year, the footwear industry index caused a lot of industry resonance.
Zengying Min, chief of Jinjiang Yongjian Leather Products Co., Ltd., believes that the introduction of the footwear index has obviously had a good market. Shoe Index by Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce jointly published by Jinjiang Economic News, Jinjiang Economic News through the credibility of the media released more convincing. Shoe index released very comprehensive, shoe industry sentiment index, foreign trade prosperity index shoemaking enterprises have a positive reference.

"The footwear index has been instrumental in supply chain management in some ways." Cao Fengming, Anta's supply chain management consultant, said supply chain management is mainly about integrating and optimizing the business efficiency of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers, while the footwear index The integration of the footwear industry, from the perspective of the entire industry synergy development, played the role of data sharing services, breaking the pattern of the past information blockade, provide a reference for business decision-making.
The release of the footwear industry not only benefit the domestic footwear industry, but also provide foreign trade enterprises with the relevant decision-making basis. Insiders said that through the footwear index, foreign trade enterprises can generally understand the trend of the market and price fluctuations, help to adjust the response strategy.

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