The role of breathing valve and maintenance (Figure)

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The role of the breathing valve: It takes full advantage of the tank's own pressure-bearing capacity to reduce oil vapor emissions, the principle is to use the weight of the valve plate to control the expiratory pressure of the tank and suction negative pressure. When the pressure of the gas in the tank is within the range of the control pressure of the mechanical breathing valve, the breathing valve does not operate and maintains the tightness of the oil tank. When the pressure in the gas space in the tank rises and reaches the positive pressure of the breathing valve, the pressure The valve is top open, the gas escapes from the tank, the tank pressure is not continuing to increase; when the gas pressure in the tank drops to reach the negative pressure of the breathing valve, the atmosphere outside the tank will open the top of the vacuum valve into the tank Within the tank pressure is not to continue to decline. Breathing valve maintenance and care: Breathing valve maintenance and care once a month, twice a month in winter. The method: first gently open the valve cover, the vacuum valve plate and the pressure plate removed, check the valve plate and the valve seal, the valve plate guide rod and guide sleeve with no oil and dirt, such as oil and dirt Things should be cleaned, then put back in place, up and down a few times, check whether the open flexible and reliable. If everything is normal, then cover the valve cover tightly. In the maintenance and maintenance, such as found disc scratches, wear and other anomalies, should immediately replace or contact the supplier, so that timely solution. Breathing valve performance and features: New flame arrester material used: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, good corrosion resistance. Valve plate, valve ring stainless steel PTFE material. Low temperature, antifreeze performance is good. The valve is installed on the fixed roof tank ventilation device to reduce oil evaporation loss, control the pressure of the tank. The valve has a large amount of ventilation, leakage, corrosion resistance, antifreeze performance. It can automatically adjust the pressure inside and outside the oil storage tank and so on.

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