Sludge valve structure and working principle (Figure)

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Sludge valve generally has the following structural features: the valve cover comes with screw, shallow water depth can be directly manipulated by the handle; valve into a cone arched, self-oriented, open the operating force is small; screw and sealing surface with bronze, resistant Rot, wear-resistant. Can be used with flashlight dual-use hoist for computer control. Diaphragm hydraulic, pneumatic quick release mud valve generally have hydraulic mud valve and pneumatic angle mud valve two. The main features of the valve is the use of dual-chamber diaphragm drive instead of piston-type movement, no wear and tear. Mud valve from the hydraulic cylinder and the angle of the valve combination, the hydraulic cylinder driven petals lift, so that the valve body opening or closing, in order to achieve the fluid off. The cylinder piston seal is L-shaped cup. Valve and seat for the soft seal. Sludge valve with hydraulic, pneumatic angle fast open mud valve or manual two four-way valve centralized control. Sludge valve works: Sludge valve from the valve body, hydraulic cylinder, piston, valve stem, valve composition, the hydraulic cylinder is a liquid tool. Liquid as a motive force, piston, stem as a switch. Sludge valve must be equipped with manual valve or solenoid valve for long-distance control of sludge valve switch. Sludge valve is a hydraulic source for the executive body of the angle valve. Usually installed in rows at the bottom of the sedimentation tank on the outer wall to remove sediment sediment sediment and dirt. Sludge valve installation instructions: Sludge valve installation should be considered to exclude the pipe sediments and maintenance of the vent of the place when the drain valve should be installed in the lowest point of the original pipeline, and use the sewage flow into a tangential sludge III Pass, should also take into account the impact of flushing on the basis of the annex emissions process, mud valve should be promptly closed after installation. Due to the fact that the branch pipe of the mud valve may be discharged on the left side of the main pipe or on the right side of the main pipe, special attention should be given to the discharge direction when signing the contract for processing the mud valve. That is, the direction of the main pipe socket .

Fluorescent Brightener KSB
Appearance: yellowish green crystals powder
Molecular Formula: C26H18N2O2
Molecular weight: 390
Appearance: Slight yellowish green crystal powder
Purity: >=98.0%
Melting point: 237-239℃
Solubility: insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents
Usage: Apply to synthetic fiber and plastic stuffs whitening, especially produces very brilliant white effect on film blowing and filament drawing process. It is widely used on plastic film, suqeeze film forming materials. injection molding materials,etc. It has excellent whitening effect on polyolefin,pvc,pvc foam,TPR,EVA and PU foam. Also for other materials such as coating,natural paint,especially for EVA,PE foam.

Fluorescent Brightener KSB

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