Fluid Bed Granulator Pelletizer Coater Drying Machine

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★ FLP pharmaceutical multi-function Fluid Bed Granulator/pelletizer/coater for R&D

★ FLP pharmaceutical multi-function fluid bed granulator/pelletizer/coater for R&D is multi-function equipment integrated Spray Drying-granulating-centrifugal spray coating-fluid coating-drying in one body. It is suitable for granulating, pelleting and coating of various varieties in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc. The finished pellet is compact and has high degree of ball. The machine has good seal, surface of the equipment is neat and lubricity inside and outside, no dead corner and easy to clean.

Features of equipment

★ Multi-function such as granulating, pelleting, coating in one machine.

★ Powder material granulating.
★ Powder material coating.
★ Powder material pelleting.
★ Chinese medicine spray drying, granulating and coating.
Film Coating of Powder, granules and pellets, enteric release, slow and control release coating.
★ Taste masking, odor, moistureproof, antioxidation, prevent water, heat insulation, coloration and Separation Coating.

★ Powder, granule, agglomerate material drying.



The fluid bed granulator is based on fluid bed spray technology to attain the goal of granulating. The machine is mainly used for the operations of mixing, granulating of tablet, granule for quick resolving drinking, condiment. It can adopt double chamber filtering bags system, removing dust completely, can choose 2 bar explosion-proof design, it is designed, manufactured and laid out by GMP.

Fluid Bed Granulator

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