Gate valve advantages and disadvantages introduced (Figure)

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For a long time, the general gate valve used in the market has the common phenomenon of leaking water or rusting. It uses the flexible seat sealing gate valve produced by the European high-tech rubber and valve manufacturing technology to overcome the defects of poor sealing and rusting of the ordinary gate valve. The use of elastic gate to produce a small amount of elastic deformation of the compensation effect to achieve a good sealing effect, the valve has the switch light, reliable sealing, flexible memory and excellent life expectancy and other significant advantages. It can be widely used as regulating and intercepting device on the body pipelines such as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electricity, shipbuilding, metallurgy and energy system. Gate valve features: Light weight: The body is made of advanced ductile iron, lighter weight than the traditional gate valve about 20% to 30%, easy installation and maintenance. Flat-type brake: the traditional gate valve is often washed by the water after the tube is due to foreign objects such as stones, wood, cement, iron filings, debris and other siltation in the valve groove, likely to cause close can not close the formation of water leakage, Elastic seat gate valve at the bottom with the same flat with the hose design, not easy to cause debris siltation, the fluid flow unimpeded. Overall encapsulation: The gate adopts high-quality rubber for overall and outsourced rubber. The first-class rubber vulcanization technology in the country enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometrical dimensions, and the rubber and ductile gate then firmly and easily fall off Elastic memory good. Casting body: the valve body using precision casting, precise geometry allows the valve body without any finishing to ensure that the valve seal. Gate valve has the following advantages 1, the fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface of the media by the brush and erosion of small. 2, opening and closing more effort. 3, the medium flow is not restricted, not disturbing flow, do not reduce the pressure. 4, the shape is simple, the structure of short length, manufacturing technology is good, a wide range of applications. Gate valve shortcomings are as follows: 1, sealing surface easily lead to erosion and abrasion, maintenance more difficult. 2, the larger size, open the need for a certain space, open and close a long time. 3, the structure is more complicated. Zhaku wide variety of sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge gate valve and parallel gate valve, wedge gate valve can be divided into: single gate type, double gate type and elastic gate type; parallel gate valve Divided into single-gate and double gate type. According to the thread position of the stem division, can be divided into Ming rod valve and dark rod gate valve two.

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