Flow pulsation will excite noise

Posted by hong yi on November 19th, 2019

Among the various types of hydraulic pumps, the vane pump is a type of pump capable of achieving lower noise due to smooth operation and small flow pulsation.

However, with the development of the vane pump to high pressure and high speed, noise has become a prominent problem. Since 1960, foreign countries have begun to pay attention to the research of reducing vane pumps.

The main reasons for the noise generated by the vane pump are as follows:

1. During the operation of the pump, friction, collision, etc. between the blade and the stator curve surface cause noise.

There are two reasons for causing the blade to collide with the stator:

(1) The stator curve changing the blade motion state and the vibration caused by the impact.

(2) Unstable blade motion caused by the machining accuracy error of the part of the impact of the blade on the stator is the most basic cause of the noise generated by the vane pump, so it is very important to study the characteristics of the stator curve.

2. When the working chamber between the two blades enters the oil discharge or oil suction chamber from the oil sealing zone between the suction and discharge oil chambers, the pressure from the oil discharge chamber to the working chamber may occur from the oil discharge chamber to the working chamber. This noise is called trapped oil noise.

3. Flow pulsation excites noise.

4. Cavitation noise due to poor suction performance.

The above 4 points are the common causes of the noise of the vane pump. Users can check the noise problem one by one and solve it in time to avoid causing greater losses. If technical doubts can be consulted, Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic Servo Technology Co., Ltd., we will provide quality technical support.

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