Barley leave straw-covered no-tillage watermelon cultivation

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Barley left stubble straw covered no-tillage cultivation of watermelon, melon vines can use the wheat bran climb fixed growth direction, wind resistance, can reduce the pressure of vines during the cultivation of watermelon work, labor and labor. Because of the ground cover effect of straw, it can reduce the excessive evaporation of soil moisture, has the effect of water retention, can meet the water requirement during the growth and development of watermelon, and save water, and at the same time it has the effect of inhibiting soil salinity. The barley straw decayed after weathering for about 70 days (days). After the watermelon garden was ploughed through the soil, it played an important role in soil improvement and was an effective way to improve low-yield soils in dry farming. Cultivation methods: Barley sowing pod width 350cm (including ditch), according to conventional methods of fertilization, soil preparation, using sowing, sowing rate of 15kg per 667 square meters. Before the winter sowing, open a 70cm wide melon line with a plough and deepen the frozen sorghum. Plowing once in the early spring and picking up wheat seedlings left in the melon line, in the middle of April, a 40 cm wide and 25 cm deep ditch is opened in the melon line, and 3.6 cubic meters of fermented chicken manure is applied per 667 m2 of ditches. 100kg of rapeseed cake fertilizer and 20kg of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer are mixed well with the ditch, and the ridges are 20cm high and 25cm wide and covered with Plastic Film. Watermelon varieties were Xiong No. 8 and Zao Milong. On April 10, they used open-cold bed nursery to grow seedlings, 20 days before barley harvest (days), and 700 plants per 667 square meters. After the barley is ripe, it is harvested with a combine harvester, leaving the sorghum 18-20 cm. The stalks thrown by the harvester are manually distributed to cover the fields. Watermelon seedlings stretched about 35cm around the inverted vines, the direction of the distribution of ridges on both sides and maintain a 30-angle or 150-angle corner of the melon ridge forward. During the extension of the vine, the vine spreads in time to ensure that the vines are distributed in the field in a consistent manner, and the wheat vines are used to climb the fixed growth direction. Watermelon pruned with three vines and timely removal of the main cranial excess lateral branches. Leave the main vines of the second female flower sitting melon, young melon egg size, every 667 square meters with high-quality potassium sulfate ternary compound fertilizer 15kg, chase melon fertilizer. Pay attention to weeding stains. Xiongnong No. 8 and Zaolonglong had a full 110d (day) period of maturity, and the melon harvest period was generally around 20 days (days) after flowering. The output per 667 square meters was 2801.0, 2735.0 kg, which was 10-15 days (days) higher than that of local wheat buckwheat watermelon, and the economic benefit was high. China Agricultural Network Editor


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