Do not eat food in winter

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Avoid drinking tea immediately after eating dog meat

Dog meat is not only nutritious, but also has a large amount of calories, so it is capable of warming and protecting the cold. Therefore, some people with weak constitutions and suffering from arthritis are more likely to eat more dog meat during the severe winter season. However, do not eat immediately after eating dog meat. Drinking tea is because the combination of tannic acid in tea and protein in dog meat produces a substance called tannin egg, which has a certain astringent effect, which can reduce bowel movements and reduce the moisture in the stool. Therefore, the toxic substances and carcinogens in the stool will stay in the intestine for too long and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, do not drink tea immediately after eating the dog meat.

Avoid drinking overheated drinks

Drinking excessively high temperature beverages can cause extensive skin and mucous membrane damage. Proteins will degenerate at 43 degrees Celsius. Gastrointestinal mucus will irreversibly degrade at 60 degrees Celsius. Blood cells and cultured cells will be above 47 degrees Celsius. And all the transplanted organs die, so don't drink overheated drinks often during the winter.

Avoid eating too much orange

Orange is a fruit with large calorie content. Excessive consumption at one time can lead to overheating, and symptoms such as dry mouth and tongue, sore throat, and so on. Therefore, oranges should not be consumed too much.

Do not eat unpickled pickles

The uncured pickles contain a large amount of nitrite and enter the body's blood circulation, oxidizing normal methemoglobin to methemoglobin, causing the red blood cells to lose their oxygen carrying capacity. Lead to systemic hypoxia, chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue, lack of energy and other symptoms. In addition, nitrite amines are carcinogens.

Avoid eating dark spotted sweet potatoes

The sweet potato with brown or black skin is contaminated with Alternaria purpurea. The toxin emitted by Alternaria purpurea contains sweet potato ketol, which causes the sweet potato to harden and bitter and is harmful to the human liver. The toxin is boiled, steamed, and broiled with fire. Its biological activity cannot be destroyed. Therefore, eating sweet potatoes with dark spots can cause poisoning.

This product can effectively remove the callus of the foot,and tender the skin of foot.

[Use cycle]
It is recommended to use it once in three months, 5-7 days after the general use begins peeling, 1-2 weeks peeling, please be patient, do not tear; use
Once you can solve the problem of dead skin;
Because each person's foot keratotic distribution location, thickness, how many different, so the number of peeling, the speed varies from person to person, and some large pieces
Leather, some small pieces of skin, these are all normal;
1, pregnant or lactating, skin injury, wounds or swelling, inflammation and other anomalies may not use this product; sensitive skin with caution;
2, to start if there is a slight tingling, itchy, dry hair, wrinkles and other discomfort, is a normal phenomenon;
3, peeling process, do not use hand tear, otherwise it will take away the soft skin,
4, the skin is not suitable for use during the process, please suspend use;
5, stored in a cool dry place and children can not touch the place;
6, please use immediately after opening.
[Storage] Should be placed in a dry, dark place to save.
[Shelf life] 2 years
[Executive Standard] Q / 23HDHF 05-2015
[Manufacturer] Hebei Houde Han Fang Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

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