Poultry meat can not eat parts

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Friends, do you know where poultry meat is also inedible? Now let the experts tell you where the poultry meat must not be eaten.

Chicken head can not eat

There is a ballad in our country: ten years of victory in a chicken.

Why the older the chicken, the greater the toxicity of the chicken head? Analysis of medical experts, the reason is that the chicken will eat harmful heavy metals in the foraging.

Pork neck meat can not eat

When eating, it is easy to remove gray, yellow or dark red fleas on the neck of pigs. This is called “meat dates”, because these places contain many germs and viruses, and if eaten, they are susceptible to diseases.

Animal "three glands"

Thyroid, adrenal, and diseased lymph glands on animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep are three types of physiologically harmful organs.

Sheep "suspension"

Also known as "hoof white beads", generally round beads, string granular, is a tissue within the lesions of sheep feet.

Rabbit "smelly glands"

The white rat parotid gland located on both sides of the back of the external genitalia, the brown of the parotid gland of the white rat's parotid gland, and the rectal glands located on the both sides of the rectum. The taste is extremely rancid. If it is not removed during eating, it will make the rabbit The meat is difficult to swallow.

Poultry "tip wing"

Chickens, ducks, geese and other birds on the upper end of the long tail feathers, scientific name "cavity sac" is the place where the lymph gland is concentrated, because the macrophages in the lymph gland can devour bacteria and viruses, even carcinogens can swallow , but it cannot be decomposed, so the bird's “tip” is a “warehouse” that hides dirt and filth.


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