Fried fish fillet processing method

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The by-product fish fillets left over from the production of delicious grilled fish fillets are processed and processed into deep-fried fish fillets, which can be directly marketed and can be further processed into canned foods. Raw material formula Fish 50 kg starch 4 ~ 5 kg MSG 0.6 ~ 0.8 kg salt 1 kg sugar 0.9 kg fresh ginger 1 kg fresh diced green onion 1.1 kg rice wine 0.75 ~ 0.9 kg water appropriate In general, the processed net fish, each 100 kilograms can produce about 70 kilograms of fish. When the ingredients are seasoned, it can be increased to about 1.15 times. These seasoned fish can be used to produce rissels. After being shaped, they can be directly fried and processed at 180-200°C. You can get about 72 kg finished fish balls in 3 minutes. Process flow: fish row→meat picking→fine twist→friction→formation→frying→finished fish ball production method 1.Fish row treatment: Put the fishes that have been cut into pieces and clean them up once and drift away the dirt. Quantitatively loaded into a clean container ready for use in the next step. 2. Meat processing: using a squeezed meat grinder, take the fish on the fish row, in order to increase the utilization of raw materials, generally repeat the meat twice or three times, save the broken fish bones can be used as feed processing for poultry feeding field. 3. Grinding treatment: The fish flesh produced by the meat-measuring machine is then grounded through orifice plates of 3 to 4 mm thickness. Make the fish tissue further broken. In addition, some of the fish bones and stings can be removed at the same time as they are minced to avoid mixing into the finished fish balls. 4. Rupture: In essence, it is a kind of agitating and grinding effect on fish meat. The ground fish is added to the shredder to quantitatively add it to the shredder. At the same time, a variety of ingredients are added for seasoning, and the raw fish is destroyed. The time is generally between 30 and 45 minutes. The temperature of the collapse is controlled at about 10°C. In the non-air-conditioned workshop in summer, cold water can be introduced into the jacket of the smasher to reduce the temperature. 5. Forming: The seasoned fish is added into the feeding hopper of the forming machine, and the fish is pushed into the forming machine by an auger. The orifice plate is larger or smaller to adjust the aperture size of the orifice. After squeezing out, the skein was scraped directly into the pan by the brackets. It is then fried. 6. Fried fish balls: It is generally better to use refined vegetable oils. The fryer temperature is controlled at 180-200°C for 2 to 3 minutes. When the fish ball is deep-fried until the surface is solid, ripe, floating and golden yellow, the pan can be removed, cooled, and then transported or processed. In order to save cooking oil, some units will cook the fish balls first in water, then drain the water to fry them. This product has better elasticity, but the taste is slightly worse. In particular, it cannot be used for processing canned food because boiled fish's umami taste and salt content cannot be controlled. Quality standard color is light golden yellow, the shape is roughly uniform, there is a certain elasticity, no foreign impurities, with the taste and smell of fried fish balls should have.

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