5 Smart and Beautiful Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Pool

Posted by David Thomas on November 19th, 2019

A pool in your backyard is like your own little private oasis. Whether you use it to ramp up your weekend staycation or to unwind after a laborious day at work, having a pool surely enhances your quality of living. While it is a striking feature, you can further elevate the visual appeal and ambience of your pool with some simple lighting tricks. The bright lights, like deck lights and pool cage lights can transform it from a simple swimming pool into a breathtaking Caribbean dream in no time, making you admire its beauty even when you are not inclined to take a dip.

Here are some lighting ideas for your backyard pool:

  • Add lights to the deck

Chances are you use your deck for a host of activities and adding some lights is a great way to enhance its appearance. You can get use recessed lighting to light up the edges of the deck or to simply throw a soft glow on it. With lights mounted on gables or surrounding trees, you can also create a beautiful illusion of moonlight.

  • Light up the trees and plants

If you have lush landscaping around your pool, why not add lights to that for some nighttime elegance? Illuminate trees and plants by installing lumen bulbs that do not overwhelm the delicate beauty of the greenery. The best part is that the lighting can be adjusted as the landscape grows in size over time.

  • Install cage lights

If you live in Florida and have a screen enclosure around your pool, it should not discourage you from pursuing your aesthetic vision for the space. LED pool cage lighting can effortlessly help you create a relaxing, luxurious getaway in your own backyard. You can take your pick from white lights, bright colors as well as pastel tones.

  • Highlight the structures around the pool

If you have any structures around the pool, such as pergolas or pool houses use contemporary lighting designs to highlight them and make them a cohesive part of the luxurious atmosphere. Choose from subtle recessed lighting that illuminates only a specific area or bistro lighting that gives off a cozy radiance, among others.

  • Highlight water features

If your poolscape includes special water features such as waterfalls, the right lighting can help accentuate them too. Lighting a waterfall from underneath creates a magical effect as the light dances off the water. You can also choose to aim the light at where the waterfall hits the pool surface and illuminate the tranquil movement of the water.

Adding some great lights to your pool area will make you want to use it more, thus allowing you to get the most from your investment.

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