5 Tips for Happy Hiking and Trekking in Rajasthan

Posted by naturetrailrajasthan on November 19th, 2019

Hiking and Trekking in Rajasthan is something that one must try at least once in life as this state many wonderful locations for adventure lovers. The Aravali mountain range is the first choice of people who want to go trekking in Rajasthan, as it provides gracious sites and scenery. 

Here are a few tips for you to make your hiking and trekking experience a happy one. 

Bring Map 

While going for trekking or Hiking in Rajasthan, you must always carry a map of the area. A detailed map will help you in easy navigation. A map is a must because you cannot completely rely on the GPS or maps in your mobile as trekking or hiking areas are often under low network coverage area. In the hour of need, your phone may not find the signal, leaving you clueless. Your mobile or digital devices may lose their battery backup. 

Before going, you must learn how to read maps for easy navigation. 

Study about the area 

You must be fully aware of the area of your trekking or hiking. You must know all the drawbacks of those areas so that while on your tour, you do not have to come across unwanted issues because of your little knowledge about that area. 

Always ensure whether the area is safe or not, the nearest police station, the nearest area from where you can get transportation facility. 

Before starting your tour, talk to locals or your tour manager and enquire about your trekking route. Please ensure that the route is safe from wild animals, predators, and extortionists. Ask if there are any poisonous plants or any areas which are on alert or the areas which are prohibited for hiking or trekking. 

Also, check the sunrise and sunset time of that area and plan your tour accordingly. 

Check Weather forecast 

Weather plays a very important role in your trekking or hiking trip, rainy or hot weather can ruin your experience or become a hurdle. Always check the weather forecast of the area before starting. If the weather forecast does not seem favorable, try to avoid the tour for a day or two. If the weather forecast predicts rain, then carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you. If the weather forecast predicts a heat wave or high temperature than you must take sunscreen, water, and other hydrants with you. You can also choose short treks during early in the morning and evening to avoid day heat. 

Carry a first aid kit 

Trekking and hiking are all fun and full of adventures, but accidents can happen anytime. While packing your stuff for the tour, always add the first aid box and make sure that your first aid box has all the necessary items in it. Your first aid box should have band-aids, elastic wrap bandages, Ointment, antiseptic lotions, and painkillers. 

Carry extra food and water 

You may plan a trekking or hiking trip for a few hours or a day and carry the food accordingly. But we suggest you to always carry a little extra food and water so that in case of emergency or in case you are stuck in a way, you have something to survive on until help arrives or you find the solution to get out of the situation you are stuck in. 

You can carry energy bars, nuts or canned food. These foods are easy to carry and do not weigh much. 

We hope that these tips will make your next trekking or hiking trip in Rajasthan a smooth one. 

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