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Posted by Airritemech on November 19th, 2019

Air conditioning is just as important for office buildings and industrial complexes as it is for homes. Sometimes the working environment of the commercial setup demands that air conditioning is provided. For instance, food manufacturers need air conditioning at their premises to ensure that their raw materials and products remain fresh. Commercial air conditioning is a lot different from residential air conditioning. First of all, its scale is a lot larger. In commercial settings, the air conditioning needs are higher than that of a home. So, commercial air conditioners are much larger and powerful than the ones you would install in your home. Secondly, commercial air conditioners need to run almost all the time without stopping. So, they need to be energy efficient and reliable too.

Fujitsu Commercial Air Conditioners

Fujitsu is one of Australia’s leading air conditioner manufacturers. Its market share in the commercial air conditioning sector is quite substantial. The reason for this is that their commercial air conditioners are built to last and can be customised to meet the individual needs of the clients. Moreover, these air conditioners are also very energy efficient and can help in saving the commercial entities a lot of money on energy bills. Fujitsu’s air conditioners are reliable as well and don’t break down even if they are used round-the-clock. However, they do need maintenance regularly. Fujitsu offers top-quality maintenance services for its commercial air conditioners as well. 

A Wide Range of Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Fujitsu understands that the demands and requirements of each commercial space are different. This is why it has come up with an extensive range of commercial air conditioning solutions. You have wall-mounted air conditioners, ducted air conditioning systems, multi-type systems, cassette air conditioners, and the cutting-edge Airstage VRF systems to choose from. Each of these systems has its own unique benefits to offer you. The people at Fujitsu work with you in finding an air conditioning solution that is best suited for your air conditioning needs. If you want some modifications made to the system to fit your requirements then those customisations can be made as well.   

Customer Support

Customer support is another strong point of the Fujitsu brand. The company excels in this department and offers top-notch support to its customers whenever they need it. You can contact the customer support staff of the company at any time and tell them about the issue you are facing. Teams are dispatched quickly to the location where the issue has been reported. They assess the issue and try to resolve it as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to halt work for long. The professionalism and quick response of the Fujitsu customer support is one of the reasons why businesses prefer buying their commercial air conditioners.


Commercial air conditioners are larger in size and thus their prices are on the higher side. However, if you consider the amount of savings in energy costs that Fujitsu commercial air conditioners can offer in the long-term, the initial cost doesn’t matter that much.

Air-Rite is an established name in the air conditioning market in Australia. If you are interested in buying a Fujitsu air conditioner for your office then give us a call right away.

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