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Posted by Anand on November 19th, 2019

Multiple Intelligences Assessment aims to examine students ' curiosity and ability at an early age, encouraging them to be aware of the variety of jobs available to them and enabling them to fit each of the areas of intelligence to different options. It is common practice that only verbal and logical-mathematical intellect is the subject of culture and education. Contrary to this, Equal attention should also be given to people who are prodigious, such as writers, architects, singers, naturalists, designers, dancers, psychologists, businessmen, and others who enrich the world we live in. Keeping this in mind, Extramarks Multiple Intelligences Test will provide the blossoming young students with the right stimulus and environment. There are various types of intelligence, each representing different ways of processing information and learning styles like Melodic, Linguistic, Logical, Bodily, Kinesthetic, Spatial, Visual, Interpersonal, Naturalistic. Extramarks Multiple intelligence tests are specifically developed for students studying in grades VI to VIII. For this crucial period, it is essential that parents and teachers have a clear snapshot of the child’s attributes. Importantly, the child’s performance at MIT will help to provide the right kind of environment for the students to evolve and move in the right direction. Unfold the interest of the child and enable him/her to identify the attributes mapped with career fields. Have a clear insight into his/her strengths and weaknesses. Extramarks Multiple Intelligences Test is based on Howard Gardner's psychological theory about people and their different types of intelligences. This test will help to discover student's strongest types of intelligences and to explore their interest and inclination at an early age which helps them to be aware of the range/span of career options available to them. Extramarks is the best bet for you to put your money on as they are reliable and provides you with the best services across the country. Extramarks stand above all its competitors because of services like these that they cant provide. It provides all the required services for students for all classes such as study materials, career guidance, entrance exam preparation, and aptitude tests. Study material includes high-quality contents like Video lectures, Interactive videos, written notes, sample papers, previous year papers and mock tests for all your requirements. So, go sign up or register on Extramarks or visit the website to attempt the Multiple Intelligences Test. Extramarks is the most holistic study site and app. Download the Extramarks learning app today.

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