Fast Facts About Auto Window Tinting That You Might Not Know

Posted by qualitytire on November 19th, 2019

Have you ever thought of getting your auto windows tinted? You can get it done from Quality Tire that offers auto window tinting in Woodbridge. These window tints can help protect the interior of your vehicle and provide you privacy as well. However, there are numerous state laws regarding window tints like how dark you can make your glass and much more. Apart from laws, there are a number of facts about this great innovation that you might not know about.

So, enjoy reading these facts. It’s Much Older Than You Think

Window tinting for cars and trucks was first commercially used around the world during the time of World War II. Window tinting sprays for home tried to copy the same technology that manufacturers used. These new products were reliable and mostly ineffective and messy as well! But as the years passed, the technological advance gave rise to improved vehicle window tinting.

Back in the 1950s, drag racers would use colored Plexiglass on their vehicles to mimic the look of window tinting and it also looked incredible as well. But in the end, the Plexiglass didn’t work the same as the actual tinted glass. 

Several Tips For Window Tinting And The Types Of Tinting Available

Modern Advances in Window Tinting
It wasn’t until the 1960s that a breakthrough had arrived because the retail sold window films were an innovation considered superior to the spray-on products that were initially available. These window films were formulated with special dyes that would eventually fade to a purplish color. 

Moreover, the hot and humid weather would also cause the window tints to start bubbling. However, in order to the discoloration problem, the next-gen window tints were reformulated with metal particles added to the dye. These added particles stop the tints from fading but the particles started to create electronic interference. On the other hand, modern-day window tints are created using nanotechnology in order to prevent electronic interference and potential discoloration. 

Window Tints are Everywhere

Did you know that window tinting is legal in every state? However, there are some local laws and regulations that you need to follow. So, if you are wondering how dark you can make your tint then consult an expert on car window tinting in Woodbridge, to know the rules and regulations.

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