Tips to Jumpstart Your Career in Salesforce?

Posted by Kapil Devang on November 19th, 2019

Have you ever wondered why most of the companies are now going customer-centric? Whether the business is related to IT industry or it is a manufacturing industry, each and every business is now looking forward to develop good relationship with their customers. Now days, businesses have replaced the concept of customer acquisition with customer retention. This lead to the discovery of CRM tools like Salesforce.

Why are the businesses opting out Salesforce?

After the concept of Salesforce, there is a sudden increase in:

  •          Sales Revenue
  •          Lead Conversion rate
  •          Customer satisfaction
  •          Deployment rate

Why most of the aspirants are choosing Salesforce as their career option?

  •          There are almost 3.3 million jobs to be expected in the business sector by 2022.
  •          Now, more than 200K companies have shifted to the use Salesforce.
  •          The expectation of the annual growth of the Salesforce in any business is to be 65%
  •          According to the latest studies, Salesforce is acting as a number one platform in the market that has led to the sudden increase in the total market share.

How to start your career as a fresher in the Salesforce?

  •          Join Salesforce online training: Once your graduation is completed, next thing you need to focus on is to join Salesforce online training and acquire all the important skills that are required to start up your career as a Salesforce Developer. You can find a number of options that are available online, start by enrolling in the one you find convenient.
  •          Acquire Salesforce certification: Once you are done with the training part, next thing you need to do is to apply for the certification. Although, with the help of Salesforce online trainingyou could easily pass out the test in first attempt.
  •          Get some experience: It would be great if your resume shows 4-5 of the projects you worked on. Thus, join a training where you would be trained on real-time projects so that you can use the expertise in your workplace.  
  •          Apply for the jobs: As you would’ve completed your training, gained important certification, added project work to your resume, it’s the time that you start to apply for the jobs.
  •          Enhance your skills: Even if you are hired by a company, you have to keep enhancing your skills in the most efficient manner possible. Read blogs, article, latest updates of Salesforce, attend seminars to gain more knowledge in this field.

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