Fun Wallpaper Decors To Achieve Your Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Posted by perthwallpaper on November 19th, 2019

Long gone are the days when manly spaces, man caves or bachelor pads were limited to the cliche-style adornments with neon beer signs, Jack Daniels posters and worn out, leather coaches.

In today’s time, ‘His’ space can be put-together just as trendy and fun like their feminine counterparts. So, for your medium to mega-manly apartments, here are some vivid wallpaper decors to inspire and aspire a modern-day man!

Let’s Start With Classically Masculine Wallpaper looks in the book.

Use wallpaper colour palettes featuring darker colours or neutrals. In today’s time, neutrals such as greys, blues, browns and greens are common picks for a feature wall. Once you have sorted that out; you can pick up masculine patterns, textures and materials predominantly involving animals skin designs.

Dark toned abstract art, eccentric prints and patterns, and even 3D effect /optical illusion wallpapers also seem appropriate for your man space.

To achieve a rough and rustic ambience; you can also go for rugged materials such as wood, metals, tiger/elephant skin and faux crocodile wallpapers for your pad.

Play With Geometric Patterns Or Tropical Prints

Look to play with visually pleasing patterns to make your modern space wow-some and inviting.

You can use matrix black geometric wallpaper, purple geometric stripes, grey or rust brick wallpaper, black geometric lattice prints, dark-toned ecliptic geometric patters and even indigo printed geometric wallpapers. They will help create more drama and make your manly space more inviting to outsiders.

If you’re adventurous by heart, then you can opt for super-trendy tropical wallpaper designs featuring palms, big green banana leaves and mist forest design. Another trending option you can go for include gold and black marble effect wallpaper designs. They work marvellously for creating feature walls in your living room.

Lastly- Decorate What You Love- Even It Means Comic Books, Erotic Prints or Writing Quotes!

Last but not least, some men appreciate bold designs to depict what they love and admire.

  • If you’re one such bachelor, then another way to make your space more ‘manly’ is to decorate with comic book prints- Star Wars, Batman, Marvel- Punisher or Daredevil to create an appreciative dramatic appeal.
  •  Alternatively; you can also opt for wallpapers having prints or famous people like Marilyn Manson prints, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro From The Godfather, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and more!
  • You can even opt for glamorous and erotic poses like Nude Bodyscape Of a Woman, Portrait Of a Sensual Lady Sleeping, Silhouette Of a Woman, Artistic Nude Woman In Studio and even Gymnastic Nude Pose Of a Lady.

With all this- if you intend to add some poetic flair to different sections of your bachelor pad, then you can also add wallpapers featuring famous quotes to create a striking statement.

Last Words…

The bottom line is that there is no specific way to decor your bachelor pad, and it all boils down to your tastes and preferences. The type of lifestyle you lead may also play a role in the wallpaper you choose, but always remember that whatever you put on your interior walls should be a visual presentation of what’s inside your heart.

Another thing- to achieve maximum impact and appreciation always pick quality wallpaper shop in Perth for quality designs.

If you have any customised wallpaper designs in mind (like the aforementioned ones), directly convey your needs. These suppliers will be happy to meet all customised wallpaper requirements for your Perth home.

Resource Box: The author "Perth Wallpaper" runs a wallpaper shop in Perth catering to all popular and customised non-woven wallpaper requirements for the Perth inhabitants.

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