Why is WoW so attractive?

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on November 19th, 2019

I have talked to a lot of gamers, and they are very clear that they are not exactly compatible with the game. They also need work and normal life. But they firmly believe that when life problems and pressures come, World of Warcraft provides them with a very perfect community environment, so that all problems are delayed. This is the same for me. Of course, I am not only playing World of Warcraft. In those difficult times, I have experienced many different games.

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In a sense, under certain conditions, World of Warcraft has become crucial in the lives of these people, which is why some people are addicted to WoW. Of course, the addiction I mentioned is not a resignation and is called a full-time player, but usually, in 5 to 7 days of a week, they will enter the game around 6 pm and play until 11 pm. .

A good community environment is one of the most attractive elements of World of Warcraft. In order to team up to challenge dungeons or raids, as well as to participate in the PvP Arena, most players will choose to join the guild, because you can easily find like-minded friends in the guild, and even create a real-world friendship beyond the game. This is not uncommon, for example, I am still in touch with friends who have ventured together on the Azeroth continent.

The most attractive part of World of Warcraft is not only the community, but also a lot of opportunities for you to experience the sense of accomplishment that you can't achieve in reality. The great success you have won will be known to the players in the game and they will cheer for you. If you have excellent leadership skills, you can lead 25 or even 40 people into a series of epic battles, a process that often lasts for hours. When you finally knock down the biggest villain in the dungeon and get a rich spoil, you will find that everything is worth it.

This situation usually occurs a few years after World of Warcraft has just been released, because during that time players need to invest more time and experience. After the Cataclysm expansion and release, players are faster in leveling, and the simplification of various systems provides players with great convenience.

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