How does a public speaking coach transform our lives?

Posted by jaques montegolifier on November 19th, 2019

Samantha was a bright student in her class. She was often praised by her class teachers for outstanding projects and grades. However, one of the toughest challenges Samantha faced was reading out the top 10 news during the prayer meetings in school. She feared large group of people to such an extent that her stomach catches knots and the palms sweat.

This is where public speaking coaching enters. The trainers transform you to an extrovert individual as soon as the course ends. Right from increased confidence to becoming marketable, there are numerous benefits of taking up speaking classes. Here are other reasons why Samantha should consider speaking classes –

1)    Boost confidence: You may be nervous the moment you enter the podium, but you sense accomplishment when it is done. If the speech was good, you might even receive positive feedback from your classmates and teachers. This bolsters your confidence. Practising public speaking skills and continuing giving speeches improves your oral skills. The more the skills improve, the more comfortable and confident you get with your abilities.

2)    Improves research skills: If Samantha was picked for a presentation and need to deliver it in front of a crowd, she needs to take some public speaking coaching owing to her fears. At first, she needs to research the topic thoroughly. Public training teaches you where to find all the information and whether they are credible and relevant. Learning excellent research skills will assist you in professional and personal set up such as report writing, job hunting, marketing, and so on.

3)    Strengthens deductive skills: Public speaking requires you to work based on a framework and draw a conclusion based on information you have researched. This is called deductive reasoning. It improves with speech writing process. It comes handy in businesses where you need to achieve a specific target.

4)    Strengthen oral communication skills: Oral communication is the ability to communicate verbally. The more you practice delivering speeches, the better you get communicating orally. The moment you master this skill, you master communicating with the media as well. However, you have media coaching to handle the task.

5)    Chance to get hired: Public speaking leads to recognition. There are chances you may get hired. Communication is essential for employers. Communication includes both written and oral. One of the researches in 2017 states that almost third of all employers list verbal communication one of the valuable assets in candidates. What better way to improve the skills through writing and giving more speeches?

6)    Broaden horizons: Giving speeches at events and conferences offers the opportunity to interact with new people. It is an excellent medium to network and meets like-minded people in the industry. If you are the one giving the speech, event participants are likely to interact with you as well.

7)    Overcome fears: As mentioned through example, most of them experience anxiety and nervousness. In Britain, studies found that public speaking fear ranked third on the list of common concerns. If you are asked to read news amongst 100-200 students, you are likely to be afraid. Public speaking coaching decreases your fear and makes you more comfortable.

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