Tips for conducting video conference successfully

Posted by jaques montegolifier on November 19th, 2019

Many businesses nowadays are adopting video conference method to connect with their employers, co-clients, and vendors across the globe. Market research has shown almost 86 per cent of companies using video conference as a unified mode of communication. Considering rising number of business interactions are happening over video calls, it is increasingly becoming essential to educate employees about what to do and not do during video conference calls. Some companies even conduct video conference training to assist the employees.

Video conference allows remote participants to have meaningful face-to-face conversations without having to travel the distance. Some of the ways you can better video conferences are –

1)    Keep it concise: You must have heard the saying; the simplest form of explanation is usually correct. It means to keep the video call short and simple. Everyone has packed schedules at workplaces. Frivolous conversations are not only unproductive but also time-consuming which can be frustrating.

2)    Be ready for meetings: One of the crucial aspects to consider for video presence coaching and training is delivering a key message to other participants. There is nothing horrible than heading for a meeting without any context and have the presenter walk in late. Have a meeting agenda in advance and send the schedule to other attendees as well. Stick to the same throughout the call. It increases not only productivity but also efficiency. You also have a tone set for the meeting and gives others time to prepare the questions and contribute to the presentation. This way the meeting discussions go out of the board room too.

3)    Utilize visuals: One of the best ways to keep video conferences interesting is using visual treats. With many tools, you can share PowerPoint presentations, videos, graphs, and anything else real-time.

4)    Record video conferences: If you have a conference meeting for a crucial agenda, there are provisions to record the meeting. This is extremely crucial when you have last-minute deadlines and quick projects. You will learn about these tools in video conference training.

5)    Optimize conference room: Many organizations have opted for open-plan offices and investing heavily on video conferencing in every sized room. Small rooms should focus on wide-angle view while large rooms can benefit with dual screen. Here you can watch the participants in one and the presentation on the other.

6)    Minimize distractions: It is obvious but have everyone’s focus towards the meeting and not on other tasks. If you are to share the screen with others, disable pop-up notifications and other chat programs, calendar notifications, and e-mails. You must also switch off your mobile phones. Businesses who use video conferencing medium report lesser instances of multitasking during meetings, resulting in shorter sessions.

7)    Be yourself: Nowadays video conference is no more only a mode for holding board meetings. Video presence coaching and training requires you to be yourself while attending video meetings. Like texting and talking on phone calls, video conference experience is about what is being discussed. So, do not fret while appearing on the camera.

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