What are the traits and types of female motivational speakers?

Posted by jaques montegolifier on November 19th, 2019

It is challenging nowadays to plan the event. Audiences are very diverse, tech-savvy, and expectations are too high. Many spectators are also tired of seeing and hearing the same speaker. Listeners want something new, something that resonates with them shakes the status quo, and creates a sense of emergency. Corporates and association audience is diverse, and they demand keynote speakers, both male and female.

You will be surprised to learn that the demand for female motivational speakers has risen. Since the audience is evolving, more women are occupying the space. Research has shown that women are more relationship and team-oriented. Also, they speak 13,000 words more than men in a day. Today, women can relate to different tasks faced by men and women.

The best female motivational speakers have some traits that have made them famous –

1)    Audience connection: In a room filled with women mostly, there no quality important than creating a connection with listeners. Women are intuitive and can read the fine line. Also, the crowd who are women are often emotionally intelligent. The best part, if the female speakers can connect with the audience quickly, they are likely to be open and accepting of the message sent out. The audience, too, wants to join her journey, if only the speaker manages to evoke the journey with honesty and vulnerability.

2)    Substance: Some speakers may sound good, but they have no material to it. The style and all are fine, but the message should resonate with the people who have come to hear you out. Women discuss entrepreneurship through the lens of poverty in third world and marketing via the eyes of human relationships.

3)    Women are group special: Every speaker has a different perspective when there are women in their audience as well. However, female motivational speakers have the knack of grasping the attention of men as well.

Types of motivational speakers:

When you decide to hire the best female motivational speakers, consider the following categories –
1)    Funny speakers: They use humor to engage with the audience. Their craft lies in combining relevant humor to help people relax, create rapport, and laugh.

2)    Business speakers: Their motto is to guide a more productive and useful audience. Often, ex CEOs and entrepreneurs can provide valuable insights. Their experiences are drastically different than men.

3)    Inspirational speakers: The purpose of such speakers to inspire audience find guidance and meaning out of their lives. Plenty of female motivational speakers fall under this category. They share some inspirational stories, which is a mix of adversity and triumph filled with hope and direction for listeners. The lessons are such that the audience can apply in their lives.

4)    Industry speakers: Some speakers have expertise and reputation in a particular field. It is a natural draw for meeting planners to boost attendance as several listeners will attend the event only to hear the speaker or meet them.

5)    Leadership speakers: They have crafted leadership message in place. Since they are women, their message will resonate with aspirational professional women and help men understand the role of women as leaders.

Audiences attend speakers events for specific reasons – speakers, networking, and content. Hence, female speakers should know their field well.

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