10 Tips on How to Make a Small House Look Bigger

Posted by Gaby Wallace on November 19th, 2019

With changing times and architectural designs, it has become difficult to find houses that are big enough to satisfy your needs. Kitchens can hardly accommodate a dining table while beds do not fit in the bedroom.

Whether the room is enormous or minute, it is all a matter of perception. You can easily modify the available space to satisfy the eye as well as personal feelings. Even as you do this, a lot of money is spared since small rooms are good with low budgets.

Below are ten tips on how to make a small house look bigger.

1. Use Natural Light

Regardless of how small individual rooms are, there is a requirement of at least a window in every room. These windows are, among other reasons, meant to provide enough ventilation for the house.

Consequently, the windows can play a critical role in enhancing the size of the house. As such, the windows should be near a decent place, which might entail a window that looks out onto something beautiful or easy on the eyes.

With such locations, you are likely to get a more satisfying look at the environment, which makes it appear as if it is a section of the house. Use standard panes on the windows to give you that undistracted look and to allow in natural light.

Transfer all those heavy curtains you had bought to your bedroom, or maybe you can put them overnight alone.


2. Mind Your Ceiling

There is always a tendency among people of giving the ceiling the same appearance as the walls. While this may be a brilliant idea to make the room uniform, it makes the room look tiny.

You have to ditch this tradition and try dark shades on the ceiling. Diverse colors on the walls and ceiling result in the much-needed contrast, which gives rooms a bigger appearance.


3.   Observe Good Spacing

What spacing are we talking about yet the room is relatively small? Well, even those tiny rooms have spaces that have to be observed. Leaning furniture on the wall does not in any way guarantee you enough space for other items.

It is thus convenient for you to pull furniture away from the walls may it be a bed or a sit. These natural spaces give room for enough aeration and easy cleaning of the trapped dust.

Whenever furniture is far from the wall, it brings a sense of satisfaction, as the room will appear bigger.


4.Pick the Appropriate Appliances

Every other home has its priorities when it comes to appliances that they want. Interestingly, most of these devices are associated with the kitchen.

Among the common appliances that should never miss out in your house is amodern dishwasher for as long as you cook and eat from home.

Based on the fact that we are operating in a minimal space, it is good that you go for models that suit your house. In this case, an 18-inch dishwasher is enough for your kitchen. If anything, it fills fast giving you a sense of satisfaction.

Small rooms are about picking the right devices in sizes that are convenient for your space.


5.Use Mirrors

The power of mirrors cannot be underestimated in your house. Apart from giving an image of you, they are known for their ability to reflect light which is vital for your small home.

Mirrors may also appear to enlarge the objects and walls of the house, thus making it bigger.


6.Choose a Smaller Fridge

36-inch fridges tend to occupy a vast space, yet this is what we are trying to minimize. It is thus advisable that you ignore these big fridges and go for models that suite your space.

A 24-inch fridge is not less effective, but instead, it occupies a small space allowing you to add other devices. Small refrigerators are always full, thus a bigger appearance of the room.

7. Pick the Right Furniture

When dealing with small rooms, you have to realize that your freedom is limited; thus, you've to work with the available space.

Multipurpose pieces should be a priority in such instances. To enhance the space, you will need asleep sofa since it has a variety of uses. Apart from sitting and relaxing, you can easily read a book on it as well as catch some sleep.

8. Proper Lighting

Although you’ve got windows to let in natural light, it’s never enough for your small room. You will need to add other artificial lighting systems.

Proper lighting eliminates shades that would traditionally make the room look small.

9. How About Folding Furniture?

Small rooms can be tricky to deal with, especially when your planning is inadequate. Spacing is a crucial factor in the home that has to play out in your small room. There has to be room for the necessary traffic in the house.

The best way to leave the needed space while still meeting the requirements of the house is the use of folded furniture. When such furniture is in use, it is put in its natural position and folded after use.

Furniture that can be folded reduces congestion in your room. You no longer have to worry about the space that you will need for it will be created after folding.

10. Get Creative

The size of the room should never, at any point hinder your creativity. Instead, it should allow you to think about the things that your house rightfully needs.

You will often receive recommendations from friends on what to do. Never allow people to think on your behalf as you implement blindly. Instead, focus on your tastes and incorporate them into the small room.

Priorities should always come first before the room is congested with unnecessary material. At some point, you may have to donate and remain with only what you need.

Space, whether big or small is all about creativity. Having bigger rooms with no proper planning eventually makes them congested. To be on the safe side, get your small room, and design it from the furniture to the rugs. This way, you will end up with a small room that is big enough.

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