Here’s what you need to know about renting to college students!

Posted by Rize Property Management: on November 19th, 2019

If you have a property and it is close to a college student, then we are sure that you must have though about renting it to students. Do you know that 44% of college students actually live off the campus? This means that there are a million of students who look for renting every year. Of course, you might also have real doubts in your mind too regarding who you should rent it out too, should you rather go with mature group, or the younger ones are good, then we also need to think about the demand to charge them appropriately.

Here are a few things that will help you rent the property.

College students have different priorities then students. For instance, they would like to stay close to the campus because they have to think about their travel expense. Plus, there are dorm living available as well, which means that they do have other options available as well. They would like to have a living space, where they are not bothered with landlord’s do’s and don’ts. And finally, they would like to go to sleep place where they can have lots of fun along with studies.

Along with close proximity to their campus, they would also like to have a property which is affordable. Which means rent can’t be that high. Also, students generally come in group, so there will probably more than one to split the rent. This way they get to save their money. So, affordability is the next important thing students look for.

Then comes the basic human necessities. Students generally don’t like to their laundry, so it would be preferable to make it easy for them. Which means, you can think about providing them with a washer and a dryer. This way, you will get to have better students coming for enquires and your property will be in demand as well. What you can do is installing a washing machine cum dryer in a common room.

Next, WIFI! Students need wifi, no matter what. Without internet, students will not like to stay in your rented home. They need it to download music, movies, watch some shows in Netflix, and more. The more appealing your property is, the more demand you will property will become.

Finally, think about their safety too. You can’t rent an apartment which is surrounded with criminal news. CTTV camera and additional measures of security will give them their peace of mind.

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